Purchase & Leasing

In our experience, goals and needs can be so individualised that new business models are created as a result. Business models that can have a short or longer term.
Many of our customers only realise that investing in one or more machines is worthwhile when they realise that we also have spare parts in our online shop for machines that are no longer running off the production line and that we can assist them remotely with our online support on the machine.
However, there are also customers with ideas that we can cover and realise with our product portfolio, but for whose implementation it would be uneconomical to invest in the business idea by purchasing machines. 
We have developed models for these and similar cases so that you can use our machines, including service, for the limited period of time you need to realise your ideas.

Open Code

The openness of our digital interfaces allows our customers to combine MBO systems with systems from other manufacturers and inspires us to communicate openly both internally and externally.
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Mit unserem Produktionsstandort in Portugal bieten wir Ihnen die
Möglichkeit Maschinen nach Ihren Bauplänen anzufertigen.
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