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Limited anniversary offer in the
period from 01.05. – 31.10.2023
The M9 is designed for producing packaging inserts for various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and agriculture. Another possible application is the production of multiple-folded product information for small electrical appliances, for example.


The M9 of the machine package is equipped with 10 buckle plates. Folding buckle plate and folding roller settings can be automated, for enormously reduced makeready times. Recurring jobs are easily called up from the M1 Advanced control system.


The M9 is suitable for both parallel and cross-folding operations. It has an integrated transfer unit that enables multiple-up production. The inserts produced in multiple-up production can be perfectly pressed with the PP600.1 belt press, which is part of the machine package.


The package is completed with the H+H vertical delivery 177.1, an ideal universal delivery for upright, small-folded products. This delivery is ideal for multiple-up production.

H+H M9

Folding machine for the production of inserts

The M9 is designed for the production of inserts for various fields, such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food or agricultural industries. A further application is the production of multi-folded product information leaflets that can be enclosed with small electrical devices, for example. The M9 is available as a manual machine as standard. Optionally, the buckle plate and fold roller settings can be automated, resulting in a considerable reduction in set-up times. Recurring jobs can be easily called up from the machine control M1 Advanced.


  • M1 Advanced machine control (MIS compatible)
  • Saving of repeating jobs
  • Extra long register table for perfect sheet alignment
  • Ejection before the folding unit to avoid double sheets
  • 10, 12, 16, 20 or 24 buckle plates
  • Optional automated buckle plate and fold roller settings
  • Ergonomic slitter shaft cassette with two slitter shaft pairs
  • Conveyor with integrated ejection module for misfolded sheets
  • Expandable with individual modules

Features in detail

  • Automation
    The buckle plates and fold rollers of the H+H M9 can be set automatically as an optional feature. This is carried out via the M1 Advanced machine control using an intuitive touchscreen. The automation plays an important role in reducing set-up times.
  • Sheet alignment
    Sheet alignment
    The sheet infeed is carried out by the R80 continuous feeder or by the F80 pile feeder. The feeder has a 1.8 m (70”) long alignment table for faultless sheet transport. (Illustration similar.)
  • Waste sheet ejection
    Waste sheet ejection
    The integrated sheet ejection unit ejects any double sheets before the folding unit. An optional camera system on the register table can also be integrated.
  • Slitter shaft cassette
    Slitter shaft cassette
    The M9 is equipped with the tried and trusted slitter shaft cassette. This can be removed sideways out of the folding unit. This means that all tools are perfectly accessible and can be ergonomically adjusted and changed. The slitter shaft cassette makes a significant contribution to reducing set-up times. The cassette also has two slitter shaft pairs.

PP30 / PP60 belt press

The M9 has an integrated conveyor that permits multiple-up production. The inserts produced in multiple-up production can be pressed perfectly using the optional PP30 / PP60 belt press.

H+H 177.1

The H+H vertical stacker delivery 177.1 is the ideal universal delivery for vertically delivered, small folded products. This delivery is excellent for multiple-up production.


Standard features

  • M1 Basic machine control
  • Mobile
  • Electric height adjustment
  • Device for 2-up production
  • Photocell and kicker
  • Tray extension to 800 mm
  • Pivoting infeed nozzle

Additional features

  • Extension for additional productions
  • Preselection counter
  • Start-Stop function
  • Expansion of the working width

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