MBO T960
pocket fold
User friendliness

Short distances thanks to the RFE sheet return unit: The sheet return unit is available as an option for the third folding unit. The folded sheets are returned via belts under the third folding unit. This allows the delivery to be positioned close to the feeder. Convenience for the operator is increased as the distance between the feeder and delivery is reduced by around 80% thanks to the sheet return device. In addition, the machine can now be operated by a single person instead of two. The sheet return device therefore contributes to lower personnel costs and significant space savings.


Ease of setup

Flexible production: A special transfer table that can be used on folding unit I opens up new production options with just one additional investment. The transfer table, which is permanently attached to folding unit I, is equipped with a so-called divider. It can alternately divide the sheet flow from folding unit I to two rulers in folding unit II. This halves the mechanical speed of the second folding unit, allowing it to process the higher output of the first folding unit, especially for landscape formats. Halving the speed guarantees high fold quality and reliable corner folding in folding unit II. This means that the output can be increased by up to 40% for many products that could often be produced at high speed in the first folding unit, but are slowed down by the second folding unit (fold fluctuations, difficult corner deflection, flying corners on thin products). And all with just one movement.


In addition to the increase in performance, there is another effect that plays a very important role: Overrunning images are no longer controlled via several cross-folds. Instead, the quality is already set in the first folding unit via the first fold. A higher net output can be achieved thanks to the reject diverter integrated in the transfer table. Here, misfolded sheets or double sheets are detected by the ultrasonic double-sheet detector and ejected during production before the divider. Stoppers, which would lead to an interruption in production, are thus avoided.

Speed of production

min. 10 m/min (33 fpm), max. 230 m/min (755 fpm)

Contact person

Head of Sales MBO/H+H

Jannik Müller

+49 52 05 75 09 - 86


International Key Account Manager

Bodo Tegtmeier

+49 71 91 46 - 505


International Key Account Manager

Alexander Altergot

+49 52 05 75 09 - 111


International Key Account Manager

Dietmar Schrimm

+49 71 91 46 - 332


Area Sales Manager Austria

Andreas Söldner

+49 (0)170 1094703

The T960 incorporates unique MBO features, many years of experience in the development and optimization of folding processes and the user-friendliness typical of MBO. With excellent basic equipment and a wide range of options for expansion, the T960 opens up all possibilities: Higher output thanks to the double stream device, increased capacity thanks to special deliveries and much more.



Whether you benefit more from a long-term investment or from a flexible
a flexible leasing model depends entirely on your business model.

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