The Postpress Alliance

What is the Postpress Alliance?


Since 2019, the Postpress Alliance has been a loose association of the companies


Each of the Alliance partner companies is an expert in a different area of print finishing, from cutting, punching, folding, micro-folding and wire-stitching to perfect binding. This means that we can provide you with information on a very wide range of machines. For example, our joint trade fair appearances or our virtual showroom, which is open 365 days a year, offer opportunities to obtain information.


In addition, you can rely on the seamless connectivity of all Postpress Alliance machines. In concrete terms, this means that the Postpress Alliance machines can be connected to a higher-level Management Information System (MIS). With the help of the MIS, jobs can be planned and recalculated, automated machines can be pre-equipped and much more. In short: comprehensive networking, as offered by the Postpress Alliance, can significantly optimise your production environment.


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Whether you benefit more from a long-term investment or from a flexible
a flexible leasing model depends entirely on your business model.

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