Alliance Days 2021

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We warmly invite you to the second Alliance Days of the Postpress Alliance. This time, the event will take place in two different formats:

  • 11/16-11/19/2021, daily from 9am - 5pm, as Open House (Live-Event)
    at baumannperfecta, Oberbieler Strasse 1-3, 35606 Solm, Germany

    We open our doors for you and present you our machines personally on site.
  • 11/30-12/1/2021: Virtual VIP-Event via Video-Live-Broadcast
    You already know this format from our previous events: You arrange individual meetings for non-binding video appointments. Your advantage compared to similar concepts: We do not offer webinars with several participants, but exclusive 1:1 VIP  meetings with us!
If you want to participate in the Alliance Days of the Postpress Alliance – whether live on site or virtually as a VIP visitor – please register on the platform For any question, please contact your  responsible supplier or one of the alliance partners baumannperfecta, Bograma, H+H, MBO or Wohlenberg. We look forward to meeting you!
Stay tuned. This site is updated and expanded regularly.​

Picture Gallery

MBO shows the autonomous post press production. From the feeder to the stacking of the folded signatures – the complete process runs fully automatically.
The new H+H S45, suitable for the production of short folded products.
baumannperfecta – fully automatic jogging and cutting line for commercial printing.
All In – die-cutting solutions with Swiss precision, BOGRAMA presents the versatility of its rotary die-cutting machine.
Wohlenberg perfect binder Quickbinder in combination with a three-knife trimmer D09 System DGR as an optimal inline-solution.

Highlights – this awaits you!

MBO: Autonomous production with fold quality control and signature change
MBO shows something unique: the autonomous post press processing from the feeder to the stacking of the signatures. This is possible by two completely new components: the optical fold quality control and the fully automatic signature change.

The control of the folded products takes place directly behind the folding machine by means of two cameras that measure the folding tolerances of the folded sheets. Signatures that are outside the tolerance are automatically ejected. This ensures that only perfectly folded sheets are transferred to the subsequent process.

For the fully automatic signature change, a camera on the feeder reads a data code that was previously printed on the signature. Each signature has its own code. If the signature changes, the CoBo-Stack cobot deposits the following signature on a new pallet. This prevents that different signatures are mixed up.

The autonomous production line from MBO is a milestone towards the fully automated post press. Finally, the bottleneck in post press is history!

H+H: S45 small folding machine
The small folding machine S45 is suitable for the production of short folded sheets. It is available in a predefined configuration. However, the choice of continuous- or flat pile feeder is available. By dispensing with machine variants, production can be cheap and fast. The S45 package includes the feeder, the first and second folding units, the transfer unit, and the vertical delivery.

The S45 disposes of features that reduce set-up times, such as the integrated, movable transfer unit. The eight or four new types of buckle plates that allow for all adjustment work without removing the buckle plates. This ensures comfortable operation and saves change-over time. The small folding machine can be equipped with various peripherals, such as a press, a labelling unit or a parallel knife folding unit. With the S45, customers receive a rapidly available, complete small folding unit at a low price.

baumannperfecta: Modular solutions for any company size and every printing area.
Visitors of the Alliance Days can experience tailor-made in-line and offline solutions from the modular baumannperfecta system – from a simple pile hoist to a fully automatic jogging and cutting system, including the integration into the workflow. Baumannperfecta presents two fully automatic jogging and cutting systems – one for commercial printers and one for pharmaceutical applications.

The system for commercial printers is composed of the fully automatic jogging system BASA, which transfers the jogged and aligned layers to the fully automatic cutting system BASS. The high-speed cutter with the robot and in combination with the buffer system BVP, takes over the fully automatic cutting of the material, which is unloaded on a pallet by means of the connected unloader.

In the system for pharmaceutical application, which even allows the fully automatic processing of grammages under 40 g/m², use is made of the BASA jogging system with logistics. The jogged and aligned layers are temporarily stored in a multi-shelf with 28 buffer spaces. Like this, the continuous material flow to the connected, also fully automatic cutting system BASS, is granted. Here, the cuts are also unloaded on a pallet via the unloader.

BOGRAMA: All In – die-cutting solutions with Swiss precision
With the rotary die-cutting machine BSR 550 Servo and the automatic card collator and stacker ACC 550 HS BOGRAMA presents an automatic production system for playing cards. In this modular design, complete deck of cards are die-cut, stacked, and transferred to a subsequent packaging unit – all in one single operation. With a productivity rate of up to 2,000 decks per hour and with highest cutting quality, the automated BOGRAMA production system offers everything necessary to produce competitively.

With set-up times of less than 1 hour, no limits are set for you and your customers. Increase the advertising effect of your products and immerse yourself in the world of a wide range of possibilities.

Wohlenberg: Ideal solution for small runs
Wohlenberg presents the perfect binder Quickbinder Edition Digital in combination with a D09 three-knife trimmer. These machines in inline version form the smallest inline brochure production line from Wohlenberg with up to 2,000 strokes/h.

With the Edition Digital, thickness variable production is possible with both, the perfect binder as well as the three-knife trimmer. It offers the manufacturer a unique opportunity to produce inline brochures with different product thicknesses, even in short runs. Moreover, the Quickbinder continues to offer its unique variety of equipment options, such a back-stripping station and all glue technologies. Wohlenberg is ready for the next step.

Hotel recommendations

If you need a hotel during the Open House in Solms, we can recommend the following establishments:

Michel Hotel Wetzlar
Bergstrasse 41
35578 Wetzlar, Germany
Phone: +49 / 6441 4170


B&B Hotel Wetzlar
Wolfgang-Kühle-Strasse 2
35576 Wetzlar, Germany
Phone: +49 / 6441 309970

Trip Inn Conference, Hotel & Suites
Siegmund-Hiepe-Strasse 39
35578 Wetzlar, Germany
Phone: +49 / 6441 870990


Vienna House Ernst Leitz Wetzlar
Am Leitz-Park 8
35578 Wetzlar, Germany
Phone: 06441 30990

Review "Theme Days Cutting and Folding", June 2021

From 8 to 11 June 2021, the companies baumannperfecta, H+H and MBO Postpress Solutions presented new highlights from the world of cutting and folding.

MBO: Autonomous production with signature change
The highlight of MBO is the autonomous production with signature change. This includes two revolutionary innovations which make the folding machine system the safest, most efficient, and most productive finishing solution in the world: the MBO Autopilot and the MBO fold quality control.

The Autopilot works with a camera at the palletized feeder and processes the information from the MBO Datamanager. The camera reads a data code that was printed on the signature in advance. Each signature gets its own code. If the signature changes, production is briefly interrupted. The A80 delivery is informed of the signature change by Autopilot and automatically places the new signature on a new pallet using the CoBo-Stack. This prevents mixing of the folded signatures and automatically saves the counter readings.

The VT50 fold quality monitoring system is unique on the market to date. Monitoring takes place directly behind the folding machine. Two cameras measure the position of the cutting marks on the finished sheets relative to the outer edge of the paper. The accepted tolerances can be defined by the customer. Incorrectly folded sheets are immediately ejected from the outlet of the VT50. This ensures that only perfectly folded sheets are transferred to the subsequent delivery system.

In addition to this highlight, MBO showed fast set-up with the K8, folding in small formats with the T50 and with the T800.1 a tried-and-tested buckle folding machine.

H+H: Automated folding in multi-plate segment and production of short-folded products
H+H was unleashing a completely new folding dimension in the multi-plate sector in the shape of the M9. The implementation with up to 24 automated buckle plates and automated fold rollers allows the set-up time to be reduced from several hours to a few minutes; by up to 95% depending on the folding sequence and application type. This ensures that the machine pays for itself within the shortest possible time. The M9 revolutionizes your way of producing inserts, operating manuals and product information.

Besides the M9, H+H moreover presented the S45 small folding machine. It is suitable for the production of short folded sheets. The S45 is available in a predefined configuration. However, the choice of continuous- or flat pile feeder is available. By dispensing with machine variants, production can be cheap and fast. The low package price includes the feeder, the first and second folding units, the transfer unit, and the vertical delivery.

baumannperfecta: Fully automatic jogging and cutting system for commercial printing
After baumannperfecta presented during the Alliance Days 2020 the world's first fully automatic jogging and cutting system as upgrade for the industrial label production, now followed the upgrade for commercial printers. In label production, normally homogeneous grid raster shapes are processed, and sheets cut into strips for subsequent punching. With this new development, finished end products can be fully automatically cut, including interlaced multi-product sheets. Moreover, the robot now takes over the storage and removal of partial stacks and the transfer of the finished cuts to an unloader. In combination with a vertical buffer for the partial stacks, here again, the core components of this modular system are the new BASA evolution and the integrated robot cutting system BASS.

About the Postpress Alliance

The Postpress Alliance is a union of Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, Bograma, H+H, Hohner Maschinenbau, MBO Postpress Solutions, Perfecta and Wohlenberg. The complementary machinery manufacturers in the finishing area have come together in a loose association to offer their customers an extensive and diverse range of postpress equipment. Concentrated know-how, together with a medium-sized, fast, and customer-oriented approach – that is what the Postpress Alliance stands for.