CoBo-Stack-News No. 10


New Features for the CoBo-Stack
The CoBo-Stack was launched onto the market 2.5 years ago. We now have over 90 machines out in the field, which makes us very proud. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, our customers, for your confidence in us. This success is only possible thanks to you.

Nevertheless, we are not resting on our laurels and are constantly working on our "little helper" to make it even better. These are the latest features:

  • Depositing two signatures on one pallet
    For efficient processing of small runs, two different signatures can now be placed on the same pallet. Since the CoBo-Stack has two pallet spaces (on its left and on its right sides), up to four different signatures can be automatically deposited without the operator having to intervene.

  • XS-Gripper permits an even wider range of paper sizes
    For the fourth time, we are expanding the range of paper formats that can be deposited using the CoBo-Stack. The XS-Gripper for very small products has now been added. Together with the three larger grippers, you can now use the CoBo-Stack to deposit all products in the format range between 148 mm x 95 mm (5 7/8” x 3 ¾”) and 340 mm x 260 mm (13 3/8” x 10 ¼”).

  • Increase the stack weight to 8 kg (17 5/8 Ib)
    The CoBo-Stack gripper was previously able to handle product stacks up to 6 kg (13 Ib). Now, up to 8 kg (17 5/8 Ib) is possible as an option. This is of particular interest for heavy products such as perfect-bound brochures and catalogues.

Get in touch if you'd like to benefit from the great new features of the CoBo-Stack: organization/contact_persons/__Ansprechpartner.html


CoBo-Stack at Alliance Days 2021
At Alliance Days 2021, we will show you the world's most reliable efficient finishing line. Naturally, the CoBo-Stack undertakes the physically demanding stacking work on this line. The line does have some other interesting highlights, too. The autopilot detects when a signature change is carried out on the feeder. The delivery then receives a signal and stacks the new signature at another location – either on another pallet or on the other half of the same pallet. This automatically prevents different signatures becoming mixed up.

A further highlight is the world's only VT50 folding quality control. To achieve this, the operator specifies a tolerance range. The VT50 uses the cutting mark position to check whether the folded sheet is within tolerance. Mis-folded sheets are ejected automatically during ongoing production. With the help of the VT50 from MBO, automatic folding quality control for every sheet is possible for the first time.

Printing company Kohlhammer in Stuttgart/Germany has already successfully used three of these autonomous finishing lines. If you would like to experience this future-oriented line for yourself, please register now for the Alliance Days 2021 – either for the Open House in Solms/Germany (16 - 19 Nov. 2021) or for the virtual event in the exclusive 1:1 VIP Meeting (30 Nov - 01 Dec. 2021): http://www.postpressalliance.com


Your feedback is important to us
If you have questions about the CoBo-Stack, please send an email to cobostack@mbo-pps.com. We will be happy to help you. If you have any comments regarding the newsletter, please contact our marketing department: katja.haug@mbo-pps.com, phone +49 7191 46-380.