CoBo-Stack-News No. 1


Dear CoBo-Stack Friends,
Today you receive the first MBO CoBo-Stack newsletter. From now on you will be among the first to be informed about technical innovations and software updates of our collaborating robot "CoBo-Stack". The information is rounded off with user stories, fun facts and video links. We wish you interesting reading,

Your MBO CoBo-Stack Team.


Up in the Air: 55% higher stacks

Until now, the CoBo-Stack has been able to stack 90 cm (35 ½“) high pallets. That's not enough for you? Now we stack higher! From now on 140 cm (55“) are possible! This is achieved by a height-adjustable robot arm. The height adjustment can be easily retrofitted to existing CoBo-Stacks or purchased as an option for new acquisitions. The advantages are obvious: You save time and money. The pallets can be stacked higher and therefore need to be replaced less often. Your employee has more time for fold quality control and other important activities. You also save pallet space and logistics costs.


Software Update "Double Stream Produktion"
Stacking on two pallets simultaneously: For double stream production (A/B) it is now possible to fill both pallets at the same time. The pallets are always stacked alternately, left – Right.

Software Update "Deposit Pattern for Paper Size A4 Plus Trim"
New deposit pattern: For the paper size A4 (plus trim) on Euro pallet, the stacking pattern for 10 piles has been newly created.

Software Update "Entering the Pallet Height"
If you want to continue stacking on a pallet that has already been started, you can enter the actual height of the pallet that has already been stacked. This is more accurate than the previous procedure, where the stacking height was calculated from the number and height of the layers.


Did you know?
The CoBo-Stack can stand behind third-party folding machines – even behind Heidelberg Stahlfolder!


Your feedback is important to us
If you have questions about the CoBo-Stack, please send an email to cobostack@mbo-pps.com. We will be happy to help you. If you have any comments regarding the newsletter, please contact our marketing department: katja.haug@mbo-pps.com, phone +49 7191 46-380.