CoBo-Stack-News No. 2


Dear CoBo-Stack Friends,
Despite the spreading corona virus, we at MBO are doing our best to continue our business processes as normally as possible. Our goal is to continue to provide you with all the services you are used to from MBO. This includes the continuation of our CoBo-Stack newsletter, of which you have the second issue in front of you now.

We wish you interesting reading.
Please stay healthy.
Your MBO-CoBo-Stack Team.


Small change, big effect
Our customer, "Jürgen Pipp Papierverarbeitung und Versandservice E.K." from Bavaria/Germany has converted part of its production and now works much more efficiently than before. Jürgen Pipp already had two MBO combination folding machines, each with a CoBo-Stack. The two machines have now been relocated and equipped with the KT90, 90-degree curve. Now the two CoBo-Stacks and the pallet feeders are very close together. Thanks to the short distances, it is now possible for only one machine operator to operate both MBO machines simultaneously without physical strain. While the two CoBo-Stacks remove the stacks from the delivery, the operator has enough time to check the fold quality, change the pallets and prepare for the next folding job.

Before the machine relocation: The operator had to cover very long distances to be able to operate both MBO K8 combi folding machines simultaneously.


After the machine relocation: The operator has everything in view and can easily take care of both combi folding machines at the same time.


Software Update "Pallet Format"
Until now, you could choose between Euro pallets and the one-way pallet format 63 x 88. From now on, four more standard pallet formats are available. In addition to that, it is possible to enter every conceivable individual pallet format.

In the upper part of the screenshot you can see where the operator can freely enter the pallet size.


Software Update "Settling Pattern"
The settling pattern calculated by the software is now shown on the display. In addition to that you can see which side the CoBo-Stack is stacking. This gives you an even better overview of your production.

In the lower part of the screenshot you can see the side of the CoBo stack on which you are stacking.


Hardware Upgrade "Gripper"
Another gripper is now available for the CoBo-Stack. This allows a greater variety of products to be handled than ever before.

  • Gripper S: product height 210mm–340mm (8”–13 3/8”), product width 95mm–160mm (3 ¾”–6 ¼”)
  • Gripper M: product height 210mm–340mm (8”–13 3/8”), product width 155mm–235mm (6”–9 ¼”)

DIN long formats can now also be handled without Problems.


Did you know?
The CoBo-Stack can also stand behind saddle stitchers.


Your feedback is important to us
If you have questions about the CoBo-Stack, please send an email to cobostack@mbo-pps.com. We will be happy to help you. If you have any comments regarding the newsletter, please contact our marketing department: katja.haug@mbo-pps.com, phone +49 7191 46-380.