CoBo-Stack-News No. 4


Don’t forget!
The CoBo-Stack celebrates – and you get the presents!
Our CoBo-Stack is celebrating its first birthday these days. You will benefit from this as an existing customer as well as a new customer. All customers who have already invested in a CoBo-Stack will receive a six-month warranty extension free of charge. If you purchase a CoBo-Stack until 30 September 2020, we will also extend the warranty period by half a year. Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to advise you.


MBO CoBo-Stack with Banding Machine
The MBO CoBo-Stack can be used for a wide range of product formats. In order to achieve a good stacking quality with particularly narrow formats, such as the DIN long format, relatively small stacks must be produced up to now. This can limit the production speed of the folding machine. By using a banding machine, which is installed between the delivery and the CoBo-Stack, larger stacks can be produced in best quality and thus the production speed of the folding machine can be fully utilized. This makes it much easier to process the products in subsequent finishing steps.


MBO CoBo-Stack with Camera Supported Double Stream Production
Up to now, the CoBo-Stack has always stacked in a fixed alternation for double stream production (A/B production): first on the left pallet, then on the right pallet, then again on the left, etc. But what happens when the operator takes a sample stack for quality control? Then the left-right principle no longer works. This problem is now a thing of the past. By integrating a camera, the CoBo-Stack can now "see" what is printed on the paper stack. As a result, the CoBo-Stack can decide independently whether the stack belongs to production A and must be placed on the left pallet or whether it belongs to production B (right pallet).


Your feedback is important to us
If you have questions about the CoBo-Stack, please send an email to cobostack@mbo-pps.com. We will be happy to help you. If you have any comments regarding the newsletter, please contact our marketing department: katja.haug@mbo-pps.com, phone +49 7191 46-380.