CoBo-Stack-News No. 9


Print Shop W. Kohlhammer Druckerei Produces Autonomously – from Feeding to Stacking

With a level of automation that is unique in the world, W. Kohlhammer Druckerei GmbH & Co. KG is revolutionising its production and make-ready processes in the Post-Press Department. The Stuttgart-based German company has invested in three MBO folding lines for fully autonomous production.

The lines each consist of a K8 folding machine, Autopilot, VT50 fold quality control, A80 delivery and CoBo-Stack. All components are fully connected to each other.

The fold quality control takes place directly behind the folding machine. Two cameras measure the folding tolerances of the folded sheets. Signatures that are not within the tolerance range are ejected automatically. This ensures that only perfectly folded sheets are transferred to the subsequent delivery system.

The new "Autopilot" feature detects signature changes and automatically places the new signature on a new pallet, using the stacking robot CoBo-Stack. This prevents mixing of the folded signatures.

Read the full story here: https://www.mbo-pps.com/news/press_releases/_Printing-Shop-Kohlhammer-A-Bit-Unsual_1295.html

New Video Showing Important Features

In our latest CoBo-Stack video you can see some of the most significant features of the stacking robot:
  • It is mobile and ready for use in mere minutes
  • Instead of 10 stacks, now 12 stacks of untrimmed A4 format sheets (22 cm x 31,5 cm or 8 5/8" x 12 3/8") fit in one layer – this way the full potential of Euro pallets is utilized
  • Fold quality checks are possible at any time during ongoing production
  • Pallets can reach heights of up to 1,4 m or 55"
  • The CoBo-Stack automatically switches between two pallet positions


CoBo-Stack Playlist
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