A80: the new signature delivery from MBO for industrial, networked print finishing

The MBO A80 impresses with its universal operating concept.

MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH is consistently expanding its portfolio with the addition of a powerful signature delivery, the A80. Once again, innovation award winner MBO meets the requirements of customers in the graphics sector today. The main focus of the A80 is on the production and processing speed of folding machines in a connected environment. It impresses with a universal operating concept from feeder to delivery. This consistent control and operating philosophy ensures that the machine combination can be regulated and controlled at each individual machine display. For example, the folding machine can be operated from the delivery and vice versa. It goes without saying that the A80 can be installed behind manual or automatic folding machines and is thus manufacturer-independent.

With the software solution “Datamanager 4.0” and thanks to its seamless networking, the A80 can be integrated into any commonly used MIS system on the customer’s premises. Moreover, if the folding machine is equipped with the remote maintenance tool RAS, remote diagnosis is possible for the delivery connected within the linked system, a service which is offered free of charge by MBO during the Corona crisis. This minimises service costs and possible downtimes. The seamless networking of the A80 is also applied successfully in the new “Autopilot” feature. If there are several signatures on the same pallet, the feeder of the folding machine detects a change in signature. The A80 delivery then receives a signal and runs empty. The process technology creates an adequate buffer between two signatures, so that the operator is alerted to the signature change and is able to react accordingly, for example by depositing the following signature on another pallet.

The overall potential of the production line can be vastly expanded by installing the CoBo-Stack collaborative robot from MBO behind the A80 instead of a delivery table. The robot can also process the signal for the change of signature. In this case, the CoBo-Stack automatically deposits the next signature on another pallet. Alternatively, the CoBo stack uses only half of the pallet for the first signature and automatically stacks the second signature on the other half of the pallet. For the operator, the use of collaborative robot technology means a huge reduction in the physical workload in combination with great efficiency. It gives the operator more time to concentrate on administrative tasks and, for example, to prepare the next job or operate a further system in parallel.

The A80 can be operated both in single-sheet and in shingle stream mode. Single sheet mode allows the processing even of sensitive and freshly printed products free of markings. A jogger device ensures perfect stacking of products. These are then supplied ready for removal at an ergonomically convenient height. Thanks to easy access and intelligent automation, set-up is realised quickly and simply.

The A80 can be viewed live in action during the Alliance Days, from 24 to 27 November 2020. The Alliance Days are the first joint event for the Postpress Alliance, comprising the companies Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, Bograma, H+H, Hohner, MBO Postpress Solutions, Perfecta and Wohlenberg. A virtual platform will allow interested parties to view all machines from the comfort of their own offices. In addition, there will be virtual and physical live demonstrations for which visitors can register in advance. Online registration is now possible on the website www.postpressalliance.com. An informative, exciting, emotional and personal event – this is the declared aim of the Alliance Days. Join us there!

More information on the A80 may be found here: products/deliveries_peripherals/a80/__A80-www-postpressalliance-com.html

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