MBO continues to develop the CoBo-Stack

MBO has continued to develop the CoBo-Stack.
The MBO CoBo-Stack can stack on four different pallet positions.
Product stacks weighing up to 8 kg (17 5/8 Ib) can be moved.

The MBO CoBo-Stack stacking robot was launched 2.5 years ago. There are now already over 90 of them in the field. Nevertheless, MBO is constantly working to advance the cobot. The CoBo-Stack takes over the physically strenuous tasks of stacking folded signature stacks from the delivery onto the pallet in print shops and book binderies. These are the latest features:

Depositing two signatures on one pallet
For efficient processing of small runs, two different signatures can now be placed on the same pallet. Since the CoBo-Stack has two pallet spaces (on its left and on its right sides), up to four different signatures can be automatically deposited without the operator having to intervene.

XS gripper enables an even wider range of paper formats
For most print shops and book binders, the size M CoBo-Stack gripper is big enough to place their products. The M gripper can move products that are in the format range from 155 mm x 210 mm (6” x 8”) and 235 mm x 340 mm (9 ¼” x 13 3/8”). For even more flexibility in print finishing, MBO has three more gripper sizes in its product range. The XS gripper was developed most recently. With the four grippers (XS, S, M and L), all products in the format range from 95 mm x 148 mm (3 ¾” x 5 7/8”) and 260 mm x 340 mm (10 ¼” x 13 3/8”) can be automatically placed from the delivery to the pallet with the CoBo-Stack.

Increase the stack weight to 8 kg (17 5/8 Ib)
The CoBo-Stack gripper was previously able to handle product stacks up to 6 kg (13 Ib). Now, up to 8 kg (17 5/8 Ib) is possible as an option. This is of particular interest for heavy products such as perfect-bound brochures and catalogues.

If you would like to see the impressive flexibility and performance of the MBO CoBo-Stack for yourself, please contact your responsible MBO dealer: organization/representatives/__Vertretungen.html or contact MBO Sales directly: organization/contact_persons/__Ansprechpartner.html

Here you may learn more about the CoBo-Stack: products/robotics/cobo_stack/__CoBo-Stack.html

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