S45 – the new small folding machine from H+H

The S45 is the new small folding unit from H+H at an attractive price.

Attractive all-in-one price from feeder to delivery
Shortly after the market launch of the M9, H+H is introducing another new folding machine, the S45. The small folding machine S45 is suitable for the production of short folded sheets.

The S45 is available in a predefined configuration. However, the choice of continuous- or flat pile feeder is available. By dispensing with machine variants, production can be cheap and fast. Many customers will be happy about short delivery times. The low package price includes the feeder, the first and second folding units, the transfer unit, and the vertical delivery.

The extra-long 1.4 m (55”) alignment table in front of the first folding unit ensures reliable alignment of the sheet. The register table can be equipped with a camera system for code reading at a later date.

The highlight of the machine is the new transfer unit between the first and second folding units. It is permanently installed on the folding unit and has a sliding function. This ensures ergonomic access to the slitter shafts. The rear part of the transfer unit can also be moved so that a positioning adjustment to the side lay of the cross fold unit is easy. This eliminates the inconvenience of moving the subsequent units back and forth when the format is changed, which shortens change-over times and saves space in the production environment.

The new small folding unit features the intuitive M1 Basic machine control. The software also enables RAS remote access service of the machine, which is free of charge during the Corona pandemic.

The S45 has a working width of 45 cm (17 ¾”). The fold roller diameter of 32 mm (1 ¼”) allows for a shortest fold length of 25 mm (1”). The first folding unit is equipped with eight new types of buckle plates that allow for all adjustment work without removing the buckle plates. This saves change-over time. The second folding unit is mobile and equipped with four buckle plates. It allows for operation as a cross fold or even in parallel behind the first folding unit. Both folding units of the S45 are equipped with a low-noise and low-maintenance belt drive, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

The S45 package is completed with the included vertical stacker delivery, which also includes a marking function.

With the S45, customers receive a rapidly available, complete small folding unit at a low price. The machine can be equipped with various peripherals, such as a press, a labelling unit or a parallel knife folding unit.

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