Team building for the MBO trainees

The MBO trainees got to know each other better while hiking and barbecuing.
Outdoor games were played together.

Hiking and barbecuing together strengthens their sense of unity
The MBO Group employs a total of 400 people at its four locations worldwide. Five percent of them are currently in training.

Among other things, the trainees at MBO are entrusted with complex project tasks for which they work together with employees and trainees from other disciplines. This is how they get to know all areas of the company and network with each other. The regular trainee excursions, which take place twice a year, also contribute to team building. One takes the trainees to a partner company. The other excursion, which is planned by the trainees themselves, is all about having fun.

Due to the corona situation, only one excursion could take place this year, and it was smaller than in other years. The trainees organised a hike through the hills of the Rems-Murr district, where the autumn colours were on display. On the way, they took a break at the public barbecue area. The trainees had bought and driven all the necessary utensils, food and drinks to the barbecue area earlier in the day. Especially the four new trainees who started their training this year took the chance to make new contacts and get to know the trainees from the other departments during the preparations and on the actual team building day.

Anyone interested in training at MBO can find out more on the website career/young_professionals_germany/__Berufseinsteiger-(Deutschland).html or apply directly to the e-mail address bewerbung@mbo-pps.com.

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