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Here you can find the latest publications from the MBO Group. If you need more information or files (such as logos, high-resolution images, additional text) or would like to request an interview, please contact Mrs Katja Haug (Head of Marketing) on + 49 (0) 719146-380 or by email at


2022-09-05Alliance Days 2022 – The autumn event with postpress competence

This time the Alliance Days 2022 will take place with the participation of the companies BOGRAMA, H+H, Hohner, MBO and Wohlenberg at the headquarters of Hohner Maschinenbau GmbH in Tuttlingen more

2022-06-07Change in management – Christian Gohlke succeeds Berthold Zinth

Berthold Zinth, who has been a member of the management team of the MBO Group since June 2018, most recently as Managing Director, will leave the company on 31 May 2022. The decision was his own. Berthold Zinth emphasises: “I have always enjoyed the wide more

2022-05-16MBO invites you to its Open House in June

MBO is hosting an Open House at its modern showroom in Oppenweiler (near Stuttgart) on June 23 and 24, 2022. The highlight of the event is the current special offer, which allows customers to invest in automated print finishing at a very attractive price. Low set-up times more

2022-04-01Limited-time offer: MBO puts together an attractive package with K8RS, A80 and CoBo-Stack

MBO has put together a machine package that can be used for automated folding and stacking at a very attractive price. The package contains the K8RS automated folding machine, the A80 stacker delivery and the CoBo-Stack stacking robot. This is a limited-time more

2022-03-30MBO Pools Its Technology And Post-press Expertise / H+H Focuses On Sales And Services In Bielefeld

MBO is bringing together its expertise in post-press technology and development. In the future, everything having to do with the pharmaceutical, digital and packaging segments are to be managed worldwide in the post-press division, and cross-platform connectivity and more

2022-03-15MBO uses its own electricity from photovoltaics

MBO, the technology specialist for folding machines and robots for print finishing, has greatly strengthened its commitment to sustainability and climate protection in recent years. The latest project is a photovoltaic system on the flat roof of the main site in Oppenweiler near Stuttgart more

2022-03-08Olaf Haug takes over management of MBO/H+H Customer Centre

Olaf Haug, a long-time MBO employee, took over management of the Customer Centre of MBO Oppenweiler and H+H in Bielefeld starting on 1/2/2022. As a trained industrial bookbinder, Olaf Haug brings with him an extremely high level of skill in the area of more

2022-02-08MBO wins EDP Award with Autonomous Production Line

MBO won the EDP Award 2021 in the “Finishing” category with its Autonomous Production Line. The jury of the European Digital Press Association (EDP) is made up of 21 trade journals from 27 European countries. The award stands for innovation and quality, more

2021-12-09The Postpress Alliance looks back on successful Alliance Days 2021

This year, the Postpress Aliance Days took place for the second time. The event was held in two parts: From November 16 to 19, 2021, the Alliance Partners presented their machines live in Solms at baumannperfecta within the framework of an open house. The second part more

2021-12-06Heilbronn University launches collaboration with mechanical engineering firm, MBO

Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences and the technology firm MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH have just launched a collaboration. The declared aim is to support young professionals and college pupils wishing to study at university on their educational path more

2021-11-03Perfect folding quality thanks to machine vision

Magazines, books or brochures have a handy format, but they are usually printed on large sheets, approximately A0 format. These sheets are folded, cut and bound in folding machines. In this application report we look at a small, but very important detail of these more

2021-11-18MBO wins “World Market Leader” award once again

For the second time in a row, MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH has been named a “World Market Leader” by “WirtschaftsWoche” magazine. The two awards were preceded by nominations as “World Market Leader Future Champion” in 2019 and 2018. The basis for more

2021-11-16Environmentally-friendly and efficiency-enhancing advancement of the MBO palletized feeder

MBO uses the Alliance Days 2021 in Solms to present the latest developments in the field of palletized feeders. The research and development department at MBO wanted to develop a more efficient, environmentally-friendly solution that also works even more effectively more

2021-11-11Schools visit MBO as part of career preparation

MBO takes the initiative and seeks dialogue with the schools in the region: Companies in almost every industry are feeling the effects of the lack of skilled workers, and MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH from Oppenweiler is no exception. So what could be more logical than to seize the initiative and go in search of well-educated young recruits?

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2021-11-08Team building for the MBO trainees

Hiking and barbecuing together strengthens their sense of unity: The MBO Group employs a total of 400 people at its four locations worldwide. Five percent of them are currently in training more

2021-11-05MBO continues to develop the CoBo-Stack

The MBO CoBo-Stack stacking robot was launched 2.5 years ago. There are now already over 90 of them in the field. Nevertheless, MBO is constantly working to advance the cobot. The CoBo-Stack takes over the physically strenuous tasks of stacking folded more

2021-10-25Autonomous Production – MBO has the World’s most Reliable Finishing Process

Optical Fold Quality Control and Automatic Signature Change: Today, folding machines are already producing autonomously and the physically strenuous task of stacking the folded signatures is handled by the CoBo-Stack robot from MBO. But there is currently more

2021-10-21Successful sales launch for the H+H S45 small-format folding machine

15 machines already in the market: Just a few months ago, H+H presented the S45, a small-format folding machine for short folded products. 15 machines of this type have already been sold since the launch. The positive response more

2021-10-19The Postpress Alliance invites to the Alliance Days 2021

This year, the Alliance Days of The Postpress Alliance take place for the second time. The event will be carried out in two parts. From November 16 to 19, 2021, the Alliance partners will present their machines live in Solms within the framework of an open house. Visitors more

2021-09-21MBO takes part in Sustainability Days

German TV station reports on trainee project “Sustainable bike storage facility for e-bikes”. In cooperation with the District Office of the Rems-Murr-Kreis, MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH took part in the Sustainability Days of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, which took place from 17 to 20 September 2021. The event is part of the annual European Sustainability Week, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the topics climate and health more

2021-09-16Printing Shop Kohlhammer: A Bit Unusual

Definitely beyond the standard: When Stuttgart printing shop Kohlhammer presented its “wish list” for the new folding plant, it quickly became clear to manufacturer MBO that this was no everyday project more

2021-09-03Three new trainees at MBO

For three young people, training at MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH has begun. They will be trained in one of a total of six possible professions. This means there are currently 17 women and men undergoing professional training, which is a quota of around 15 percent more

2021-07-27MBO extends offer period for successful K32 KSE anniversary machine

The K32 KSE anniversary machine has met with such great interest in the market that the promotion is now being extended until the end of the year more

2021-07-14The new H+H S45 for folding small products

The S45 from H+H, which was recently launched on the market, can be used to produce short-folded products. These can be, for example, inserts or operating manuals for small electrical devices. The S45 has many advantages that clearly distinguish it from competitor products more

2021-07-01MBO Postpress Solutions changes sales agency in UK

MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH is changing its sales agency in the United Kingdom. From 1 September 2021, KOMORI UK will take over the Marketing, Sales and After-sales business for all MBO and H+H branded products in the UK. This is a logical step after KOMORI Corporation acquired MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH including its subsidiaries on 1 April 2020 more

2021-05-28Postpress Alliance Theme Days "Cutting and Folding"

We’re almost there: From June 8 to 11, 2021, the enterprises baumannperfecta, H+H and MBO Postpress Solutions present new highlights from the world of cutting and folding.

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2021-05-26S45 – the new small folding machine from H+H

Attractive all-in-one price from feeder to delivery: Shortly after the market launch of the M9, H+H is introducing another new folding machine, the S45. The small folding machine S45 is suitable for the production of short folded more

2021-04-22Postpress Alliance summer event: Theme Days "Cutting and Folding"

After the successful first event of the Postpress Alliance in November 2020, the organization of the next event is in the works. From June 8 to 11, 2021, the enterprises baumannperfecta, H+H and MBO Postpress Solutions present new highlights from the world of cutting and folding more

2021-04-07M9 – the new folding dimension from H+H

H+H GmbH & Co. KG is unleashing a completely new folding dimension in the multi-plate sector in the shape of the M9. The implementation with up to 24 automated buckle plates and automated fold rollers allows the set-up time to be reduced from several hours to a few minutes; by up to 95% depending on the folding sequence and application type more

2021-03-23Apprentices at MBO design environmentally-friendly e-bike charging station

MBO Postpress Solutions participated in the "bike & work" project together with nine other companies from the Rems-Murr area. The project is an initiative of the regional council and this is now the fifth time the event has taken place. The aim is to make the region's employers more bicycle-friendly, so that routes less than five kilometres in length can be more

2021-03-11From three shifts to two with the CoBo-Stack

Investing despite Corona? No question about it for Austrian printing shop, Sandler: "We believe in the sector and that things will continue." Furthermore, halting investment would be more expensive for the more

2021-03-01MBO celebrates the one-year anniversary of its acquisition by KOMORI with a special edition

The acquisition of the MBO Group by the KOMORI Corporation is celebrating its first anniversary in Spring 2021. On this occasion, MBO is launching the K32 KSE combi folding machine, an ... read more

2020-12-15MBO looks back on a successful 2020

A difficult 2020 lies behind all of us. And this doesn't just refer to the corona-related challenges that each of us has to contend with in both our personal and professional lives, from contact restrictions and masks to short-time work and home offices more

2020-12-11Alliance Days 2020 – A benchmarking event

Excited visitors, many innovative features, upbeat moral and delighted faces on the side of the exhibitors, that’s probably the best way to describe the first Alliance Days of the Postpress Alliance that took place from November 24 – 27, 2020 more

2020-11-18MBO launches Online Shop

E-commerce sales have been growing for years and the number of online buyers is constantly increasing, in part due to Covid-19. In order to meet market requirements in the current situation, we have gathered lots of ideas from customers, suppliers, trade partners and employees for our web shop over recent weeks and months more

2020-11-12MBO wins “World Market Leader Champion” award

After winning the “World Market Leader – Future Champion” award of the magazine “WirtschaftsWoche” twice in succession, MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH has now made it onto the “Global Market Leaders 2021” list. The basis for the evaluation is the current world market leader index. This index is compiled under the scientific leadership of Prof. Dr. more

2020-11-10Komori and MBO Postpress Solutions intensify collaboration

MBO has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Komori Corporation since May 1st 2020. The acquisition expanded Komori's portfolio into the folding segment, making a comprehensive suite of post-press products and solutions available for existing and new customers. Utilizing the unique expertise of both entities, Komori and MBO are now introducing new initiatives as a direct result of the acquisition more

2020-10-22A80: the new signature delivery from MBO for industrial, networked print finishing

MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH is consistently expanding its portfolio with the addition of a powerful signature delivery, the A80. Once again, innovation award winner MBO meets the requirements of customers in the graphics sector today. The main focus of the A80 is on the production and processing speed of folding machines in a connected environment more

2020-09-30Testimonial Jürgen Pipp: Passion for paper – collaborative robots offer new perspective for the printing trade

Thanks to the collaborative robot, one employee at Pipp can now operate two machines at the same time, thus doubling productivity per employee. The flexibility of the cobot and its space-saving design mean that it can be used for widely ranging production processes. "It takes just a few minutes to parametrise the robot for new requirements, and with its flexible design, …read more

2020-09-23Alliance Days: By sight through 2020 into a digital future

The Postpress Alliance announces united its withdrawal from Drupa participation in 2021. Responsible thinking and a lack of planning security were at the heart of this difficult decision by Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, Bograma, H+H, Hohner, MBO Postpress Solutions, Perfecta and Wohlenberg. The machine builders with complementary activities in the postpress sector …read more

2020-09-01MBO welcomes its new trainees

This year, MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH is taking on three new trainees. In doing so, the company is continuing its many decades of tradition as a training organisation. With the three new trainees, there are currently 16 women and men undergoing professional training at MBO's headquarters in Oppenweiler near Stuttgart, which is a quota of around 14 percent …
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2020-08-07MBO receives “100 Spots for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Wuerttemberg” award

Last year, MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH set an important milestone for the future of modern print finishing with the CoBo-Stack collaborative robot. For this reason, State Secretary Katrin Schütz named MBO, among others, as a winner of the “100 Spots for Industry 4.0 in Baden-Wuerttemberg“ competition in a video message on August more

2020-07-23MBO RAS – Worldwide service despite COVID-19

A vaccine against the COVID-19 virus is still yet to be found. Restricted travel, social distancing, face coverings and other safety precautions against the further spread of the virus will continue to be a part of our everyday lives for the foreseeable future. But what do you do if your folding machine isn’t working, production in the finishing process is at a standstill more

2020-07-15The Postpress Alliance – Stay Connected

Drupa 2020, Drupa 2021 … „The Postpress Alliance“, ( the connection of the companies Baumann Maschinenbau Solms, Bograma, H+H, Hohner Maschinenbau, MBO Postpress Solutions, Wohlenberg und Perfecta) had planned with a lot enthusiasm for Drupa 2020. What so ever may come – this alliance that represents the full portfolio from the data transfer from the MIS, …read more