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Configure workflows

In addition to the development of individual machines, there is also a lot of potential if you focus on the entire workflow and the level of digital networking. 

Digital production planning with the MBO Datamanager 4.0 and the integrated JDF interface makes it possible to clock in individual orders to the minute and control the respective further processing machines. During operation, events are recorded in real time and with our integrated remote maintenance module, we support you remotely with maintenance via RAS router in the rare event of a fault. 
The ability to manage jobs centrally means that saved jobs can be edited, reproduced or objectively recalculated. Stored data can be analysed with regard to energy consumption, downtimes or other productivity factors in order to flexibly make changes to planned or ongoing productions. Targeted adjustments that allow you to continuously improve the success of your production.

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Martin Vordermeier
Cloud Software Techniker