• Vertical stacker delivery


    The SBAP vertical stacker deliveries are perfect for large print runs ...


The SBAP vertical stacker deliveries are perfect for large print runs. Depending on the working width, up to four productions can be processed simultaneously. The folded signatures are positioned on their back spines. Compared to stream deliveries, vertical stacker deliveries offer significantly greater capacity.


The SBAP vertical stacker delivery is available in three variants: SBAP46ME, SBAP72ME and SBAP82ME. All three variants are mobile and can be quickly and flexibly set up wherever they are needed. Also very convenient: The pile table is infinitely height-adjustable and offers the operator an ergonomic removal height at all times, independent of the folding machine exit height.

The compression rollers and main press rollers facilitate the depositing and further processing of the sheets. A further highlight is the integrated marking device, which allows package by package offset of the products. This makes removal of the products and depositing them far easier.

Your advantages

  • Pressing unit for perfectly pressed sheets
  • Marking device for offsetting in packages
  • Spreading of multiple-up productions facilitates removal
  • High capacity through vertical arrangement of sheets
  • Infinitely adjustable pile table for ergonomic working


Standard features

  • M1 Basic machine control 
  • Mobile
  • Spreading
  • Counter for delivered sheets
  • Device for 1-up production (SBAP46ME)
  • Device for 2-up production (SBAP72ME and SBAP82ME)
  • Integrated pressing unit

Additional features

  • Extension to 2-up production (SBAP46ME)
  • Extension to 3-up or 4-up production (SBAP72ME and SBAP82ME)

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