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H+H KL112.1

The H+H smallest folding machine KL112.1 is designed for the production of small and smallest folded products. Due to the folding roller diameter of only 26 mm, a minimum fold length of up to 18 mm can be achieved.

In conjunction with a maximum number of pockets of up to 24, large sheets can be folded down to a minimum final format.

Benefits of the KL112.1

  • Flat pile or round pile feeder
  • 10-24 buckle plates
  • Integratable camera system for quality assurance
  • Sheet tracking system (with M1 Advanced press control)
  • Cold gluing system and matching folding rollers
  • Transfer with spreading and ejector function
  • Cross and parallel sword folders
  • Pressing units for flat, pressed products
  • Closure labelers
  • Shingled or upright sheet deliveries

M1 Advanced machine control

The M1 Advanced machine control system impresses with its intuitive operator guidance. Setting corrections and repeat jobs can be carried out quickly.
If the downstream units are also equipped with the M1 Advanced press control system, all settings can be made from each unit.
Among other things, this enables continuous sheet target tracking. The control system is MIS-capable and includes a router for the RAS remote maintenance software.

Camera and water scoring system

The KL112.1 can also be retrofitted with a camera system for quality assurance. Various systems are available to reliably eject defective sheets. A waterscoring system can also be retrofitted without any problems. This ensures excellent fold quality even with difficult products.

Transfer with sheet ejection

Transfers from H + H ensure perfect sheet transport into the downstream units. Dual-flow applications, multiple-ups and height adjustments are possible without any problems. When using camera systems for quality assurance or gluing applications with gluing monitoring, products that are not perfect are reliably ejected.

Rear cutterhead for cutting, creasing and perforating

Depending on the application, the downstream slitter shafts can be equipped with a wide variety of creasing, cutting or perforating tools. This makes it easy, for example, to produce multiple slugs with chip cut-outs or double-flow applications can be easily realized.

Integrated gluing system for fold gluing

The installation of a cold gluing system enables the production of fold-glued products. The folding rollers and buckle plates are modified accordingly, depending on the required number. If the gluing system is equipped with gluing monitoring, an ejection diverter can be controlled.
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