• Buckle folder

    MBO T1420

    For B1 sheets and larger

MBO T1420

MBO folding machines and features are orientated on the users – both regarding practical requirements and the variety of the paper medium. Convenience plays a major role. The simpler the processes and workflows, the more efficient becomes production. With its high performance and excellent quality, the T1420 provides the ideal preconditions for highest productivity. A broad range of folding types and individual automation options guarantee that the Perfection models live up to their names.

The equipment features of our folding machines have been especially designed for the purpose of their application. We never rest on our well-proven product development achievements but always try to recognise new requirements as early as possible. Ideally soon enough to offer you a solution before you even face the problem. Some of these special solutions can be found on the T1420.

Benefits of the T1420

  • Unique MBO features make the handling of large formats easier and faster, allowing the machine to be operated by one person only
  • Double stream, RFE and automation allow shorter set-up times and a more efficient production, thus making you considerably more productive and competitive when working with the T1420


Standard features

  • MABEG palletised feeder M 6/1650
  • Airstream double alignment table
  • Sheet alignment by Vacutable
  • 4 Multiplate buckle plates with swing deflectors (folding unit I)
  • Combiplate combination buckle plates
  • Low maintenance and low noise belt drive
  • Ring fold rollers with soft PU roller coating (folding unit I)
  • Scoring, perforating and cutting devices for standard operations
  • Slitter shaft cassette for single rear slitter shafts with plug bearings
  • Transfer table with double sheet and misfolded sheet ejection
  • High-Speed-Guide

Optional features

  • Datamanager
  • MABEG palletised feeder M 6/2050
  • Slitter shaft cassette (folding unit II and III)
  • Noise insulation unit
  • Spiral fold rollers
  • Strip cutting device, special and edge trimming device, multiple perforation unit, punch perforation unit
  • Divided hard metal slitters (punching and V perforation), emptying and recharging of the slitter shafts no longer required
  • Double stream unit with upwards folding conveyor table
  • Three-directional stream unit (folding unit II)
  • Sheet return unit RFE (folding unit III)
  • Pre-slitter shafts (folding unit II)
  • Automation options

Features in detail

  • Ejection device
    Ejection device
    The ultra-sonic and sheet monitoring sensors detect double and misfolded sheets during production and eject them after the first folding unit. The deflector opens, ejects the faulty sheets and closes again – automatically and without interrupting the production process. A less trouble-free kind of folding is simply not possible.
  • High-Speed-Guide
    Standard feature
    High-Speed-Guide for all mobile buckle folding units ensure the absolutely safe transportation of sheets – even for high speeds – thanks to their motor-driven cone-shaped rollers. Due to the non-slip drive of the folding products markings can be ruled out, even if sensitive products are processed.
  • RFE sheet return unit
    Standard feature
    RFE sheet return unit
    The sheet return unit is optionally available for the mobile buckle folding units (folding unit III). It offers more convenience for the operator by reducing the distance between the feeder and the delivery by approximately 80 %, thus making it possible that even buckle folding machines may be operated by one operator only. This results in a higher effective output, lower staff cost and a considerable reduction of required space.
  • Belt drive
    Standard feature
    Belt drive
    The proven MBO belt drive guarantees extremely quiet operation and long maintenance-free periods. Thanks to the auto-tensioning elements, controlling and readjusting is no longer necessary. The functionality is monitored by the machine controller. Low follow-up and operational costs make the MBO belt drive an especially efficient long-term solution.
  • Noise insulation device
    Optional feature
    Noise insulation device
    The mandatory equipment when it comes to safety at work. The noise insulation device by MBO corresponds to the European noise insulation regulations. Apart from a maximum noise insulation and the protection of the operator, comfort and accessibility play a major role for MBO. The two-piece construction for buckle folding machines ensures free access and easiest handling.

Feature Multiplate buckle plates

All setting elements like the folding length, position and pretensioning of the lower plate lip, inner width and clamping of the buckle plates are installed on the operator side, thus ensuring both ergonomic and efficient handling for the operator. In order to be able to quickly and comfortably swing the deflectors, the T1420 equipped with pneumatic cylinders which automatically regulate the retraction and extension movements. Therefore, “winding out“ the buckle folds is a thing of the past. The through sheet stop ensures that the sheet lies exactly against the stop and is not deformed.
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We inform users of MBO buckle folders with MS/MC control, series T460/B118, T530/B21, T535E, B21-IFF, B26E, B30E/B30A and T700P-T1420P that a modification kit which includes an update of the safety status is available. For further information, please contact: +49 (0) 7191 / 46-503 or milica.damcevska@mbo-pps.com.

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