• Buckle folder

    MBO T800.1

    For B1 sheets (70 x 100 cm)

MBO T800.1

The T800.1 is MBO’s premium buckle folding machine with a universal scope of applications and unique range of folding types. It also stands for the highest folding performance and maximum output. MBO folding machines and features are built with the operators in mind, both for practical requirements and concerning the versatility of the medium of paper.

Convenience plays an important role here. The easier the procedures and work processes, the more efficient the production can become. With high output at excellent quality, the T800.1 offers ideal prerequisites for maximising productivity. A wide range of folding types and individualised automation options ensure smooth production for medium and high print runs and frequently changing folding types.

Features in detail

  • Feeder head Vacujet / Vacujet RS in the palletized feeder
    Alternative feature
    Feeder head Vacujet / Vacujet RS in the palletized feeder
    The newly developed feeder head Vacujet / Vacujet RS offers exceptional ease of operation. It runs more smoothly than previous feeder heads, allowing a higher throughput. The Vacujet achieves a frequency of up to 22,000 cycles per hour, the Vacujet RS up to 25,000 cycles per hour. The Vacujet RS is also equipped with a new high-performance pressure-vacuum pump which regulates the air supply not continuously, but as required. This environmentally friendly solution consumes less than 50% of the energy compared to conventional pumps.
  • Sheet Return Device RFE
    Alternative feature in folding unit III
    Sheet Return Device RFE
    The sheet return device RFE is available as an option for the third folding unit. The folded sheets are returned under the third folding unit via bands. This makes it possible to position the delivery near the feeder. This has become more ergonomic and leads to less strain on the operator, since the path between the feeder and delivery is shortened by about 80 %. Thanks to the sheet return device the machine can now be operated by a single person instead of two. The sheet return device therefore lowers staff requirements as well as saves a considerable amount of space.
  • Two-part sound insulation
    Standard feature
    Two-part sound insulation
    The two-part sound insulation unit is a standard feature in all folding units. It not only ensures optimal sound insulation, but also good accessibility to the buckle plates and fold rollers as well.
  • High-Speed-Guide
    Standard feature in folding unit II and III
    Thanks to the conical rollers, the High-Speed-Guide guarantees absolutely safe sheet transport, even at high speeds. Due to the non-slip drive of the folding products markings can be ruled out, even if sensitive products are processed.
  • Conveyor table with sheet ejection
    Additional feature after folding unit I
    Conveyor table with sheet ejection
    After the first folding unit, a conveyor table with sheet ejection unit can be selected as an option. Incorrectly folded sheets and double sheets (detected with ultrasonic double sheet monitoring) are ejected here during ongoing production. Production failures can be minimised and the net output of the T800.1 can be increased with the conveyor table with ejection of wasted sheets.
  • Double stream device
    Additional feature in folding unit II and III
    Double stream device
    With the help of the double stream device, the cutting of the printed sheets is integrated into the folding process. The sheets are folded and separated in the first folding unit and then further processed in two streams in the subsequent folding units. Two folded products are produced per sheet, thus doubling the capacity of the folding machine. On the bottom line, the double stream device brings greater output, higher efficiency and cost savings.
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