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MBO KT90 Curve Table

MBO’s curve table KT90 enables new positioning possibilities for folding production lines. Using the left turn version at the three fold exit allows deliveries to be placed at a 90° angle. On the other hand, with the right turn version at the cross fold exit, the delivery can be placed in straight line.

The KT90 allows the delivery to be very quickly repositioned between the three fold and cross fold exit. This means that set-up times can be shortened. In addition, space in the production environment is optimally used.


Saving of space and saving of set-up time

The KT90 curve table makes it possible to change the dimensions of a folding line in such a way that it can also be set-up in confined spaces. The right-hand curve version – positioned at the cross fold exit of combi folding machines – permits inline installation. The delivery is positioned on the operator side of the folding machine with the left-hand curve at the three fold exit.

Wherever the cross fold or three fold exit is in use, utilising
the KT90 curve table means that the downstream delivery no longer needs to be pushed around the folding machine in a cumbersome manner. When used as a left-hand curve, a rail system is also available, which allows the delivery to be positioned effortlessly and precisely. Existing deliveries can also be retrofitted with the necessary rail wheels.
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Standard features

  • Version as a left-hand curve
  • Machine control M1 Basic 
  • Enables space saving positioning of deliveries in a 90° angle or in line with the folder
  • Uncomplicated and easily accessible sheet transportation
  • Marking-free sheet run

Alternative features

  • Version as a right-hand curve
  • M1 Advanced machine control

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