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    MBO P46

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MBO P46 Pressing Station

The mobile pressing station P46 is basically designed as a supplement to deliveries without an integrated press. Additionally, it is used for special applications in complex production lines where the sheets have to be pressed „intermediately“. Due to the built-in controller, the MBO pressing station may also be used with older machines or machines from external suppliers.

The MBO pressing station delivers flat products which can be easily piled up and further processed. Due to the smaller volume of the sheets, the holding capacity of the downstream delivery is also increased. By default, the MBO pressing station is equipped for two-up production.

Your advantages

  • Higher holding capacity thanks to flat products which can easily be piled up
  • Improved further processing on downstream machines
  • Optimal for multiple-up production by high pressure and spreading of multiple-up streams


  • Mobile
  • Built-in controller
  • Spreading of multiple-up streams
  • Equipment for two-up production


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