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The MBO Group with the brands MBO and H+H is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end folding machines and robots for print finishing. We inspire customers with innovative and technically flawless solutions. This is facilitated by a strong team of over 380 employees at four sites worldwide. The MBO Group is part of the stock-exchange-listed Japanese KOMORI Corp.


With our anniversary offer on the occasion of KOMORI's 100th birthday, you can get started with automated folding and stacking. The coordinated combination offers you faster production, easier makeready and, in times of a shortage of skilled workers, also enormous savings potential: when using two machine combinations, you can save one full-time skilled worker or use him for more qualified tasks!


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HIGH-PERFORMANCE FOLDING MACHINE M9R80 + M9 Automatic + PP60 + upright sheet delivery 177.1

The M9 is suitable for producing package inserts for a wide range of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food or agriculture. Another possible application is the production of multiple-folded product information enclosures for small electrical appliances, for example.

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The new CoBo-Stack flex:
Stack as desired!

The world premier of the extension to the CoBo-Stack

The new CoBo-Stack flex is not only applicable in the graphic industry, it can now stack cartons, thus becoming interesting for any palletizing or logistic job, as well as lettershops tasks. The different carton heights can be palletized with layer rotations (offset stacking). The CoBo-Stack flex measures the height of the package when picking it up and automatically calculates the best deposit position. You are now no longer bound to a set box height. Long calculations for an optimal balanced pallet are a thing of the past. The CoBo-Stack line becomes even more flexible and convertible. The mobile palletizer opens up new application possibilities for every industry.


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