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MBO CoBo-Stack

Automated stacking

The MBO CoBo-Stack is a so-called cobot, that is, a collaborative robot which needs no protective cage. Product stacks, e.g. stacks of folded signatures, are transported from the delivery onto the table of the CoBo-Stack. The cobot picks up the stacks from the table and deposits them on pallets. This is an enormous physical release for the operator at the delivery.


The pallets can be positioned on both sides of the CoBo-Stack, allowing uninterrupted operation. While the MBO CoBo-Stack is filling one pallet, the operator can move the loaded pallet away and prepare the next empty pallet.

An indicator lamp lights up in different colours, signalling various operating statuses of the cobot to the operator. For some operating statuses, there is an additional acoustic signal. This means that there is no need for the operator to remain directly at the production machine, giving him or her time to carry out administrative tasks, for example quality control or preparing the next job.


Jürgen Pipp

„With the robot, we have doubled our cycle times and considerably reduced the physical workload for our employees. This gives them time for more demanding tasks such as quality control or preparing the next job.“
Jürgen Pipp, CEO of Jürgen Pipp Papierverarbeitung und Versandservice E.K.


Standard features

  • Cobot – collaborative robot which does not need a protective cage
  • Two pallet spaces possible; this allows one pallet to be prepared whilst the other is being loaded
  • Optical and acoustic signals for indicating different operating states
  • Retrofittable to existing delivery systems, for example MBO A500 / A700, MBO A80 as well as to delivery systems from other manufacturers, to saddlestitchers and to perfect binders
  • Receiving the stacks from the left-hand side of the delivery
  • RAS router included; access permission from customer is mandatory
  • Two different signatures can be deposited separately on the same pallet
  • With double stream production, it is possible to deposit on the left-hand and right-hand pallets alternately

Additional features

  • Open, electrical interface for third party machines
  • Receiving the stacks from the right-hand side of the delivery
  • Camera from below for depositing two different signatures on the left / right, for example in double stream production

Picture gallery MBO CoBo-Stack

Compatibility with other units

Stacking deliveries from a wide range of manufacturers

The CoBo-Stack works autonomously and is therefore suitable for use on stack-dispensing delivery units from a wide range of manufacturers. The year of construction is also irrelevant. The A80 delivery from MBO was specifically developed for use with the CoBo-Stack. It can be used to optimise the transfer speed of the stacks and allows a comprehensive connection to the folding machine.

Saddlestitchers and perfect binders

To the CoBo-Stack, a stack is a stack. Many of our customers also use the cobot directly behind the outlet of their saddlestitcher or perfect binder. Once work is complete, the CoBo-Stack can be easily and quickly repositioned behind the delivery of a folding machine.


Hannes Sandler

„The advantage of the CoBo-Stack is that it is so incredibly flexible. It hardly takes up any more space than if an employee were standing there. And as it doesn‘t need a cage, you can intervene quickly at any time. It runs the full two shifts every day.“
Hannes Sandler, Managing Director of Johann Sandler GesmbH & Co KG
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