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Many speciality products on the market require short fold lengths. The field of small folding is, therefore, correspondingly large. Examples of small information media include merchandise information on clothing, in cigarette packs or in cosmetic products. This can be a simple four-page spread or a multi-page mini-booklet.

Product examples

Here are a few of the products that are most common in the small fold sector. Read on to learn about outserts, inserts, booklet labels and lots.



Outserts are folded medicine package inserts. They are folded several times in parallel and are characterised by a varying number of cross-folds. As the product thickness increases, the final fold breaks are made with parallel sword folders. For external fastening, such as on a medicine bottle, the secure closure of the folded product is very important. Depending on the folding sequence, this can be done with a closure label or with cold glue dots. Since many medicine containers are very small, very small folded outserts are required. This requires machines that are able to reproduce the smallest fold length.
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Inserts are folded product information sheets for the pharmaceutical industry. Similar products can be found in cosmetic products or as operating instructions for small electrical appliances. The parallel-folded inserts are inserted into the folding carton during the production process. Inserts are characterised by combined parallel breaks and are well suited for multiple-up production.
Folding machines for small folds
These folding machines are suitable for the production of very short folded products:

H+H M9

Buckle folding machine
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H+H KL112.1

Buckle folding machine
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H+H S45

Buckle folding machine
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