Environmentally-friendly and Efficiency-enhancing Advancement of the MBO Palletized Feeder

MBO uses the Alliance Days 2021 in Solms to present the latest developments in the field of palletized feeders. The research and development department at MBO wanted to develop a more efficient, environmentally-friendly solution that also works even more effectively. According to R&D Manager Sebastian König, they did just this: “The innovations affect several areas of the feeder. Among other things, we have revised the air flow, which is now much more efficient. We also use a regulated pump that only runs when needed. This saves valuable energy”.

New Vacujet / Vacujet RS feeder head
The newly developed Vacujet / Vacujet RS feeder head, a logical advancement of the Vaculift / Vaculift RS, which has been very successful on the market for many years, scores points with improved, ergonomic ease of operation. It significantly boosts efficiency and productivity. The Vacujet feeder head achieves up to 22,000 cycles per hour depending on the paper; with the Vacujet RS feeder head, up to 25,000 cycles per hour are possible. The range of applications of the new feeder head clearly stands out from the systems found on the market up to now.

Improved air flow in the palletised feeder
The Vacujet RS includes a revision of the palletized feeder. It now features improved air flow, which means increased productivity. The lifting unit has been equipped with a pneumatic cylinder, which increases its durability. The adjusting elements have also been moved further down, which simplifies adjustment and operation of the feeder for smaller people.

Environmentally-friendly, high-performance pressure-vacuum pump
The palletized feeder is also optionally equipped with a new high-performance pressure-vacuum pump which no longer regulates the air supply continuously, but adapts individually to the process and regulates it according to the exact needs. This energetically very efficient and thus environmentally friendly solution uses 50% less energy than conventional pumps on the market. The new pump is also equipped with a ventilated noise damping device which considerably reduces noise emissions.

Increased suction power during sheet infeed
The Vivas system from MBO has been ensuring reliable flat sheet infeed and optimum sheet running with high throughput capacity for years. Vivas also guarantees that there are no marks, even with delicate and freshly printed products. The double vacubelt for the sheet infeed has been modified and now has four valves with increased suction power. This allows a further increase in overall performance.

Conversion option for existing folding machines
Those who would like to benefit from the new developments do not necessarily have to invest in a new folding machine. A number of folding machines with palletized feeders can be converted. Each folding machine must be checked individually to determine if this is possible. Interested parties are requested to contact their responsible MBO dealer or contact the MBO customer centre directly.