MBO Pools its Technology and Post-press Expertise / H+H Focuses on Sales and Services in Bielefeld

MBO is bringing together its expertise in post-press technology and development. In the future, everything having to do with the pharmaceutical, digital and packaging segments are to be managed worldwide in the post-press division, and cross-platform connectivity and digitalisation are to be expanded.

As part of the new strategic orientation, the production and assembly departments of H+H (H+H GmbH & Co. KG) will be relocated to Oppenweiler, whereby H+H will continue to exist as its own brand and Bielefeld will be retained as a sales- and service-office in the long term. The subsidiary of MBO will in the future focus on technology consultation, sales and services and turn upcoming trends from the market into new products.

“The post-press sector is undergoing a major transformation characterised by open interfaces, connected processes and autonomous production. In order to continue to meet customer requirements in the future and be able to generate new growth in this field, we are combining our strengths with a much stronger focus on development and consistent technological expansion”, says Thomas Heininger, CEO of MBO.

“With this step, we are aligning ourselves with changed customer needs in the long run and, with this orientation on sales, we are creating the foundation for new growth with new technologies and product lines”, says Frank Bahmer, Managing Director of H+H.

The strategic restructuring process will involve far-reaching personnel and organisational changes in Bielefeld. For example, it is planned to expand the sales division with customer consultation, sales and services.