Olaf Haug Takes Over Management of MBO / H+H Customer Centre

Olaf Haug, a long-time MBO employee, took over management of the Customer Centre of MBO Oppenweiler and H+H in Bielefeld starting on 1/2/2022. As a trained industrial bookbinder, Olaf Haug brings with him an extremely high level of skill in the area of bookbinding finishing. He has been employed at MBO since 1999 and has contributed to the company’s success with his expertise in various departments. He initially worked as an application engineer in the Customer Centre, where he installed MBO machines at home and abroad for many years. He then later worked in product management and finally in sales. Olaf Haug knows both the company and the customers of MBO very well, and will use his expertise to continue to develop the Customer Centre in line with today’s requirements.

In addition, four new application/service technicians were hired in the Customer Centre at the beginning of this year, and they will support the team with immediate effect.

New responsibilities for Matthias Rapp
Matthias Rapp, who was previously responsible for managing the Customer Centre, will take over as CPO (Chief Process Officer) for all locations in the Group with immediate effect. In this role, he will, among other things, take care of the steering and improvement of business processes along the entire value chain.