Datamanager 4.0 and Autopilot

Intelligent Production Planning And Analysis


Industry 4.0 makes your production processes transparent
Today, production planning is mainly done on computers. To save time and costs, each individual job is timed down to the minute. With Datamanager 4.0 and the integrated JDF interface, the scheduled jobs are immediately visible at the respective finishing machine. As a result, every planning change is available in production in real time.

Current events are also immediately reported back to the planning department with the help of Datamanager 4.0. If, for example, a machine breaks down or a job is not completed in the specified time, the planning software can react immediately to these events thanks to the transmitted data.

With Datamanager 4.0, you can therefore optimally plan and analyse the additional finishing process and reduce down time. In addition, you have the option of carrying out an objective post-calculation and thus sustainably increasing the quality and efficiency of your finishing process.

But that’s not all Datamanager 4.0 can do. Its large job memory means that every order can be reproduced and edited. Thanks to the integrated remote maintenance module RAS, relevant spare and wear parts can be ordered in a straightforward manner with targeted online advice and any errors can be rectified.

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Picture Gallery

Planning board: Every folding machine is listed. All orders per machine are also clearly listed on a timeline.
Order list: All orders are shown sorted according to their processing status. For example, planned, arranged, interrupted or completed orders can be displayed.
Evaluation of the machine productivity.
The camera at the feeder reads the printed data code.
Each signature receives its own data code.

Who is Datamanager 4.0 suitable for?


  • who need the highest job integrity and must store job and production data for reporting purposes (e.g.: pharmaceutical production)
  • who do not yet use an MIS (Management Information System) or only use a very simple one and would like to simplify machine planning
  • who already plan their entire production via an MIS, but also want to collect and evaluate production data from their machines

Whether or not you are already using an MIS:

MBO Datamanager 4.0 can be integrated into any common production environment with M1 Advanced control technology. MBO Datamanager 4.0 can of course also work independently, i.e. without an MIS.

What can the Datamanager 4.0 do for you?

  • Job control planning for your postpress department
  • Record customer specific and job specific data
  • Generate suggested imposition layouts
  • Transfer job data from MIS to your MBO folding machines via JDF interface
  • Design and save templates for frequent or repeat jobs
  • Archive jobs
  • Generate statistics such as print run length, production time, and down time
  • Online support via RAS remote access service

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Production planning
    therefore shorter set-up times and less down time
  • Long-term job memory
    therefore long reproducibility of jobs
  • Output of production data
    objective analysis and recalculation possible
  • Remote access system RAS
    therefore rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting for immediate resumption of production
  • User interface similar to Windows
    therefore intuitive operation


MBO Autopilot supports you with short to medium print runs when there is more than one signature on a pallet. Part of this system is a camera mounted on the feeder and the M1 Advanced machine software in conjunction with MBO Datamanager 4.0.
With a camera in the feeder, a new signature is detected via a printed data code; production is then automatically interrupted. The M1 Advanced interface enables the folding machine and the MBO A80 delivery to run empty automatically. Of course, this also applies in conjunction with the CoBo-Stack. This prevents signature mixing and eliminates the need for time-consuming manual signature changes by the operator.
At the same time, the signature data is forwarded to the Datamanager 4.0 and stored there on a job-specific basis. After the counter readings have been automatically reset in the machine, the operator is offered the option of either restarting production automatically or starting/stopping manually.
The MBO Autopilot can be used on the T800.1, T960, T1120, K80, K8 and K8RS folding machines with machine control M1 Advanced and palletized feeders.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • No mixing of signatures
    therefore higher process reliability
  • Faster signature change / less down time
    therefore higher net performance
  • Less work for operators since they do not have to constantly check the feeder
    therefore higher net performance