Datamanager 4.0

Intelligent Production Planning And Analysis


MBO Datamanger 4.0 supports you on the path to Industry 4.0. This innovative software package allows you to optimally plan, analyze and reduce standstill times for your processing operations focusing on MBO folding technology. Customer and job application data, such as materials, sheet sizes, folding types, etc. are imported into Datamanager 4.0. The Datamanager then ensures that the folding machine receives all the necessary information to optimize the setting process. Datamanager 4.0 receives all production-specific data from the folding machine, such as production and support times as well as any faults. This allows you to calculate real-time production status, thus improving quality levels and efficiency in your finishing department over the long term.

But Datamanager 4.0 can do even more than track job progress. Its large job memory means that every job is repeatable and editable. Thanks to the integrated RAS remote maintenance module, online specialists are available to assist in ordering spare parts, or quickly troubleshoot any errors.

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Picture Gallery

Planning board: Every folding machine is listed. All orders per machine are also clearly listed on a timeline.
Order list: All orders are shown sorted according to their processing status. For example, planned, arranged, interrupted or completed orders can be displayed.
View with details on machine settings for a certain order.
Evaluation of the machine speed.
Evaluation of the machine productivity.

Who is Datamanager 4.0 suitable for?


  • who need the highest job integrity and must store job and production data for reporting purposes (e.g.: pharmaceutical production)

  • who have previously been using a very basic MIS (Management Information System)and who want to simplify the planning of their machines

  • who already plan their entire production processes via an MIS and also want to collect and evaluate production data from their folding machines

Whether or not you are already using an MIS:

The MBO Datamanager 4.0 can be integrated into any standard production environment with Navigator or M1 Advanced control technology

What can the Datamanager 4.0 do for you?

  • Job control planning for your postpress department
  • Record customer specific and job specific data
  • Generate suggested imposition layouts
  • Transfer job data from MIS to your MBO folding machines via JDF interface
  • Design and save templates for frequent or repeat jobs
  • Archive jobs
  • Generate statistics such as print run length, production time, and down time
  • Online support via RAS remote access service

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Production planning
    Shorter setup time and less down time
  • Long-term job memory
    Store and recall repeatable jobs for faster setup
  • Output of production data
    Reporting which allows for real-time monitoring and production analysis
  • RAS Remote Access Service
    Rapidly diagnose and troubleshoot with the help of a specialist
  • Graphic user interface
    Intuitive touchscreen menus for easy operation

Which is the right Datamanager for me?

No matter how many machines you have in your business, only one single Datamanager is needed. Each connection will be inspected in detail and may require changes to the existing machinery. MBO Datamanager 4.0 is available in two different packages in order to meet common hardware requirements.


Datamanager 4.0 – PowerBox

All you need is an internet connection. There is nothing else you need to worry about. An MBO engineer will bring all the necessary hardware and software required to install Datamanager 4.0 on your finishing equipment.

The following are required for the Datamanager 4.0 – PowerBox:

  • Internet access and an available connection


Datamanager 4.0 – VirtualBox

For this package, you will need a data- or computing center and an internet connection. MBO provides the Datamanager 4.0 software which includes Datamanager 4.0, the operating system, and the remote maintenance tool. Simply install the program on your existing system and you are ready to go.

The following are required for the Datamanager 4.0 – VirtualBox:

  • Internet access and an available connection

  • Hyper-V-System (or a computing center)