A 10

  • Intuitive machine controls and operation functions
  • Reduced physical labor for operators
  • Engineered for high speeds
  • Auto-loading system for the boards via magazine
  • Extremely high quality signature bundles benefit subsequent processes
  • Integrated press with up to 4 tons of pressure
  • Durable polyethylene or polypropylene banding straps
  • Log length range between 380-800 mm
  • Buffer table along the delivery allows operators to multi-task

  • Two modes of operation: Single Sheet (for product that requires drying or curing time – up to 15,000 sheets/hour) or Shingled Stream

  • Sheet ejection for control or bad sheets

  • Non-stop production, even during log changes

  • Optional: crane, conveyor belt, palletized log bundles


Heilbronn University launches collaboration with mechanical engineering firm, MBO

Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences and the technology firm MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH have just launched a collaboration. The declared aim is to support young professionals and college pupils wishing to study at university on their educational path ...
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Perfect folding quality thanks to machine vision

Magazines, books or brochures have a handy format, but they are usually printed on large sheets, approximately A0 format. These sheets are folded, cut and bound in folding machines. In this application report we look at a small, but very important detail of these ...
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