A 10

  • Infeed Height: 300 mm-800 mm; 11 3/4“-31 1/2“
  • Sheet Format: 210 mm-550 mm; 8“-21 3/4“ (Width); 105 mm-325 mm; 4 1/8“-12 3/4“ (Height)
  • Sheet Thickness (Signature): 0,8 mm-3,5 mm
  • Board Thickness (Optional Chipboard): 3 mm-12 mm; 1/8“-1/2“
  • Length of the Compressed Log Bundle: 380 mm-800 mm; 15“-31 1/2“
  • Stack Pressure: Max. 5.000 N
  • Production Speed: 40 seconds/bundle; depending upon page count, paper weight and quality
  • Electrical Requirements: 400 V AC 3-phase; Power: 12,5 kVA
  • Air Pressure Requirement: 6 bar constant
  • Dimensions (Mobile System excluding Crane): 1,600 mm; 62“ (Width); 4,350 mm; 171“ (Length); 2,350 mm; 92“ (Height)
  • Weight: 3.5 t

Heilbronn University launches collaboration with mechanical engineering firm, MBO

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Perfect folding quality thanks to machine vision

Magazines, books or brochures have a handy format, but they are usually printed on large sheets, approximately A0 format. These sheets are folded, cut and bound in folding machines. In this application report we look at a small, but very important detail of these ...
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