The mobile cross carrier ET46 meets various application purposes. Since it can be swivelled by 180° it is suitable for both left hand and right hand lay. The alignment ruler of ET46 is equipped with a ball rail for standard products. For thick products conical rollers are recommended which are optionally available. In combination with a mobile knife folding unit, cross carriers are applied on combi folding machines to produce a parallel fold to the cross and three fold or a double gate fold. Following a saddle stitcher it is possible to produce a parallel fold to the back. The combination of a cross carrier, rotary feeder and mobile knife folding unit leads to a signature folding unit.


Standard features:​​

  • Ball rail
  • Mobile
  • Pivoted, thus left and right hand lay is possible

Optional feature:

  • Conical rollers

Technical Specifications

  • Working width max.: 46,0 cm (18 1/8")
  • Infeed/outfeed height: 45,0 cm - 95,0 cm (17 3/4 - 37 3/8")
  • Speed: 40 m/min - 150 m/min (1,575 inch/min - 5,906 inch/min)