More flexible application options and higher production output.

Knife folding unit Z2 
The mobile knife folding unit Z2 can be pivoted by 180 °, thus allowing folding both from the top and from the bottom. It can be used for various application purposes.

  • As folding unit IV for 32 pages on combi and buckle folding machines, for manufacturing English, German and international four folds and special folding types.
  • As folding unit III on buckle folding machines – the folded material can be led back to the coated control panel.

  • For folds parallel to the back fold after the first and second cross fold on combi folding machines, combined with the cross carrier.

  • Following saddle stitchers for the rectangular small folding of brochures and for folds parallel to the back fold when used in combination with the cross carrier.

  • As a signature folding unit for the rectangular or parellel-to-the-back small folding of products in combination with a rotary feeder, cross carrier and a delivery.

  • For double gate folds on buckle folding machines after folding unit II and on combi folding machines in combination with the cross carrier.

  • As version Z2/65 with 65 cm infeed width for the production of geographical maps.

Knife folding unit Z6
The mobile four-fold knife folding unit with built-in drive for the application on combi or buckle folding machines is designed for the folding from the top. It is equipped with a lateral fine adjustment of the entire knife unit. The infeed height is adjusted with a handwheel. Z6 offers the following additional benefits:

  • As folding unit IV for 32 pages on combi and buckle folding machines.
  • On combi folding machines with the KL and S-KTL configuration for English four-fold.
  • On combi folding machines with the S-KTZ configuration for English and German four-fold.
  • On buckle folding machines, e.g. with the configuration 442 for English four-fold.

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