Unwinder, Rewinder


We are currently presenting the UW23 Unwinder on this website. For other models (Rewinders, other formats, etc.) please contact us: info@mbo-pps.com.

You can find more information here:


Standard Features:

  • For use as an offline/near-line solution
  • Up to 52 inch roll diameter for greater press or finishing line uptime
  • Large diameter idler rollers to minimize web-curling and tension disturbance
  • Quick release shaft chucks to eliminate tooling and shorten roll change time
  • Precise unwind control even with full size, heavy rolls at maximum speed
  • Integrated splice table with edge guide and clamps helps reduce setup times
  • Electric paper lift reduces worker injury and speeds up the roll change process
  • Pneumatic, active dancer rollers on a swing arm create a buffer between the finishing line and the unwind for the best tension control
  • Independent web tension control
  • Integral web guide for precise web delivery to the finishing line
  • Decurling device removes web curl for better paper handling to increase quality in finishing

Additional Features:

  • Splice Sensor to prevent mill splices from going through downstream processes
  • 3” or 5” diameter core shaft
  • Right angle layout possible using WTS air flotation angle bar
  • Inline configuration with OEM printing press is possible