The fastest folding machine in the world

The K8RS is the frontrunner among the MBO combi folding machines. Based on the high-performance K8, the K8RS is trimmed for peak productivity. In addition, it features valuable, performance-optimising enhancements which not only allow the outstanding production speed of the folding machine but also guarantee the highest production quality and stability.
The K8RS shares all the advantages of the K8. The slitter shaft cassette, swinging up cross fold area and extendible three-fold area ensure ideal convenience of operation and extremely short set-up times. Wide-ranging automation options and a knife folding area which can be configured as required round off the possibilities offered by the K8RS. These features make the K8RS the perfect solution for the widely varying requirements of large and medium-sized print runs. With high-performance peripheral units such as the CoBo-Stack stacking robot, MBO also offers equipment for the entire delivery area after the folding process.
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Picture Gallery

Automated K8RS with open knife fold area.
Feeder head Vaculift RS in the palletized feeder.
Vivas (Double Vacubelt and Vacutable).
Slitter shaft cassette for single rear slitter shafts.
Cross fold sheet stop for ejection of waste paper.


Machine control

Standard features:
  • Machine control M1 Advanced with touchscreen
  • RAS Remote Access Software
Additional feature:
  • Datamanager 4.0



Standard features:
  • Palletized feeder with feeder head Vaculift RS
  • Vivas (Double Vacubelt and Vacutable)
Additional feature:
  • Small format device in the palletized feeder


Parallel fold

Standard features:
  • 4 buckle plates
  • 1st buckle plate with swing deflector and continuous sheet stop
  • 2nd-4th buckle plate with swing deflector
  • Virotec fold rollers
  • Slitter shaft cassette for single rear slitter shafts
  • Perforating-, scoring- and cutting devices for standard jobs
  • Maintenance and noise-free timing belt drive
  • Noise damping and safety device
Alternative features:
  • 6 buckle plates
  • 2nd-4th (optionally up to 6th) buckle plate as combination buckle plates
Additional features:
  • Gatefold plate
  • Various slitter shaft accessories, for example gully cut device, edge trim device, punch perforating device, multiple perforation device, etc.

Cross fold / three-fold

Standard features:
  • Vacuknife cross fold knife with adjustable length
  • Super-KTL configuration
  • 1 buckle plate with swing deflector
  • Vacuknife three-fold knife
  • Spiral fold rollers with hard PU
  • Slitter shafts in the cross fold and three-fold
  • Swing-up cross fold area
  • Slide-out three-fold area
  • Cross fold sheet stop for ejection of waste paper, including ultrasonic double sheet detector
  • Perforating-, scoring- and cutting devices for standard jobs
  • Maintenance and noise-free belt drive
Alternative features:
  • Super-KTLT configuration
  • Super-KTZ configuration
  • 1 combination buckle plate (with Super-KTLT configuration up to 2 combination buckle plates)
  • Virotec fold rollers
Additional feature:
  • Various slitter shaft accessories, for example gully cut device, edge trim device, punch perforating device, multiple perforation device, etc.


Optional automation

  • Buckle plates, sheet deflectors and fold rollers in all folding units
  • Slitter shaft settings in the cross fold / three-fold
  • Cross fold knife length adjustment and sheet stop adjustments in cross fold / three-fold

The RS makes the difference

The valuable upgrades which are provided as standard and increase productivity and production stability are what distinguish the K8RS. The palletized feeder of the K8RS can process pile heights of up to 130 cm (51 1/4”) – 10 cm (4”) more than the feeder of the K8 and K80. The sheets are separated from the paper stack by the extremely process-reliable and fast Vaculift RS feeder head. The sheets are then transferred to the double vacubelt sheet infeed system, which has two parallel suction belts and accelerates the sheets to production speed within a very short time. Heavy-duty timing belts and particularly  powerful motors allow the K8RS to achieve speeds of up to 275 metres per minute (902 fpm).


The K8RS is significantly upgraded with the CoBo-Stack collaborative stacking robot. The robot sets down folded signature stacks from the delivery onto the pallet. This relieves the operator of physical strain and allows him to take care of administrative tasks such as quality control or preparation for the next job. With the CoBo-Stack the performance of the folding machine can be utilised to the full and is no longer limited by the human factor.

K8RS in comparison

In addition to the K8 and the even more powerful variant K8RS, the MBO range includes two further combi folding machines for the B1 / 70 x 100 cm format range: the K70 and the K80.

The K70 is the entry-level model from MBO. It is slightly slower than the K8 and the K80. The K70 is available as a manual machine and scores points with its very good price/performance ratio.
The K80 machine offers extreme ease of operation. It has a comprehensive standard configuration and several  automation options. It is just as fast as the K8. In comparison with the K80, the K8 and the K8RS have further integrated features which boost both performance and convenience of operation.