Size is not the only thing that matters, perfection is also important


Tailor-made folding solution
Buckle folding machines by MBO convince with their universal application range and unique bandwidth of folding types.

All models of the Perfection series basically stand for the highest possible folding performance and maximum output. MBO folding machines and features are orientated on the users – both regarding practical requirements and the variety of the paper medium. Convenience plays a major role. The simpler the processes and workflows, the more efficient becomes production. With its high performance and excellent quality, the T1120 provides the ideal preconditions for highest productivity. A broad range of folding types and individual automation options guarantee that the Perfection models live up to their names.

The equipment features of our folding machines have been especially designed for the purpose of their application. We never rest on our well-proven product development achievements but always try to recognise new requirements as early as possible. Ideally soon enough to offer you a solution before you even face the problem. Some of these special solutions can be found on the T1120.

The newly developed transfer table which can be used with the Perfection buckle folding machine T1120P in folding unit I enables unimagined possibilities with only one additional investment. The transfer table which is fixed at the folding unit I is equipped with a so-called alternating deflector. The alternating deflector can divide the product stream of folding unit I in turns to two sidelays in folding unit II. Therefore, the mechanical speed of folding unit II is cut in half, thus enabling this folding unit to handle a higher output of folding unit I, especially in the case of landscape size. Due to the bisection of speed a very high folding quality and a safe change of transport direction in folding unit II is guaranteed.

Therefore, for many products that can very often be produced with a high speed in folding unit I but which are then slowed down in folding unit II (due to e.g. variations in folding, difficult changes of transport direction, “flying” paper edges of thin products) the output can be increased by up to 40 %. And all of that with just one touch.

The waste paper ejector integrated in the transfer table ensures higher net outputs. Misfolded sheets or doublesheets (recognised by the ultrasonic double-sheet control) are ejected before the alternating deflector during production.

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Floorplan T1120 with folding unit II and III.
Combination buckle plates can be easily opened and closed, without the plates having to be removed from the machine.
The sheet return device RFE is available as an option for the third folding unit. The folded sheets are returned under the third folding unit via bands.
Thanks to the conical rollers, the High-Speed-Guide guarantees absolutely safe sheet transport, even at high speeds.
The slitter shaft cassette is removable. At the ergonomically ideal height, all tools and strippers can be adjusted quickly and precisely, outside the machine.
The Vaculift III feeder head achieves a frequency of up to 20,000 cycles per hour.


  • Short changeover times, e.g. due to
    automated buckle plates and slitter shaft cassette MWK
  • High productivity
  • Broad range of folding types for more flexibility
  • Absolutely marking-free production of sensitive, freshly printed products
  • Double stream extension possible – for higher output and reduced cutting costs

Further possibilities of the transfer table

With the specialized MBO transfer table it’s easy to setup traditional double stream production; no time consuming add-on installations would be required. For standard production with only one sidelay in folding unit II the alternating deflector is easily deactivated with a switch.

Double Vivas

Double Vivas is the reliable option for a flat sheet infeed and sheet running with high conveying power. The Vivas vacuum system replaces the standard ball rails, thus guaranteeing marking-free documents, even if sensitive or freshly printed. In order to handle all types of papers and grammages appropriately, the vacuum on the suction belt may be regulated within two zones independently of each other. Since all settings can be done during the production run, short changeover times are guaranteed.


We inform users of MBO buckle folders with MS/MC control, series T460/B118, T530/B21, T535E, B21-IFF, B26E, B30E/B30A and T700P-T1420P that a modification kit which includes an update of the safety status is available. For further information, please contact: +49 (0) 7191 / 46-502 or milica.damcevska@mbo-pps.com.