Limited-time offer

Automated folding and stacking


We have put together a machine package that can be used for automated folding and stacking at a very attractive price. The package contains:

  • the K8RS automated folding machine
  • the A80 stacker delivery
  • the CoBo-Stack stacking robot

This is a limited-time offer valid between 1/4 and 30/9/2022.

You can find more information here:
New Feeder Head Vacujet RS

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The new regulated pump can save up to 50 % energy compared to conventional pumps.
The optimised Vacujet RS feeder head achieves up to 25,000 cycles per hour.
The new dual-vacubelt features increased suction power.
The CoBo-Stack stacking robot takes over the physically strenuous tasks of stacking folded paper stacks from the delivery onto the pallet.

Package Contents

  • K8RS S-KTL / 6 – FP
  • Automation
  • M1 Advanced machine control
  • RAS remote access software
  • Datamanager 4.0 (stand-alone solution)
  • Palletized feeder with improved air flow
  • Newly-designed Vacujet RS feeder head for considerably more efficiency and productivity
  • Vivas (optimised Double Vacubelt with increased suction capacity and Vacutable)
  • New controlled pressure vacuum pump for up to 50 % energy savings compared to
    conventional pumps
  • 6 buckle plates
    • 1st buckle plate with adjustable sheet deflector and continuous sheet stop
    • 2nd – 6th buckle plates as combination buckle plates
  • Virotec fold rollers
  • Slitter shaft cassette
  • A80 stacker delivery
  • CoBo-Stack stacking robot

The configuration is fixed and cannot be changed.


More info on the K8RS

The K8RS, which operates at 275 m/min (902 fpm), is the fastest folding machine in the world. Thanks to the extensive automation and wide range of features such as the slitter shaft cassette, set-up times are extremely low. The machine features the M1 Advanced machine control as well as the RAS remote maintenance software, which can be used to access the free remote maintenance service.

The special package contains the latest version of the MBO palletized feeder. This means customers benefit from significant energy savings, which is not only great for the environment, but for their wallets as well. The air flow of the feeder has been modified and is now much more efficient. A controlled pump is also used, which does not regulate the air supply continuously, but instead adjusts it individually to the precise process requirements. This energetically very efficient and environmentally friendly solution uses 50 % less energy than conventional pumps on the market. The new pump is also equipped with a ventilated noise damping device which considerably reduces noise emissions. The dual-vacubelt for the sheet infeed has also been modified and now has four valves with increased suction power. This allows a further increase in overall performance.

Learn more: products/machines/K8_RS/__K8RS.html

More info on the A80

In addition to the world’s fastest folding machine, the package also includes the A80 stacker delivery and the CoBo-Stack stacking robot. The delivery is fully integrated into the folding machine control. All functions can be performed from any screen. The A80 offers very simple access and extensive automation, allowing quick and simple set-up operations. In addition, the A80 is the ideal delivery for the MBO CoBo-Stack.

Learn more: products/deliveries_peripherals/a80/__A80.html

More info on the CoBo-Stack

The CoBo-Stack stacking robot is an established solution in the market for automated stacking of folded sheets onto a pallet. MBO already has over 120 of these robots on the market. The main advantage of the CoBo-Stack compared to other automated stacking solutions is its mobility and flexibility. The CoBo-Stack is collaborative. This means that it can work directly next to people, and without any additional protective devices such as safety fences and pricey photoelectric sensors. The robot is on rollers and can be deployed exactly where it is needed within a very short time – not only behind folding machines, but also behind saddle stitchers and perfect binders.

Learn more: products/robotics/cobo_stack/__CoBo-Stack.html