RAS Remote Access Service


MBO has been providing help and support for the bookbinding industry for over 50 years. As an experienced partner we want to service, support and help grow your business, whatever your need is and wherever your operations are located. To enable us to provide this more effectively, we offer the MBO Remote Access Service. All that is required to utilise this service is internet access. Once the RAS has been activated through a switch in the electrical cabinet, our service technicians will be able to establish a secure connection directly to your machine. This will allow our technicians to quickly resolve errors with your operator’s help, leading directly to lower service costs and shorter unintended downtimes.

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Here‘s what RAS can do

Diagnostic options

  • Signals from the inputs and outputs (in other words, sensors, switches, etc.) can be tested:
    • Function of the rotary encoder
    • Function of the sensors
    • Length measurements on the sensors
  • Rapidset function and roller adjustment can be tested:
    • Are the drives being detected?
    • Are the drives in a specific status condition?
    • Reset drives showing an error status
  • Export of:
    • System information such as temperatures, counters, etc.
    • Statistics data
    • Software versions

Active support

  • Software updates for the machine control are possible from the M1 control
  • Input of values within the current PLC program for machine optimization

An overview of your benefits

  • Worldwide service without restrictions, no call-out charges
  • Rapid diagnostics and troubleshooting for speedy production restart
  • Learning opportunity for staff members by following all the working steps in real time
  • Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities via machine, job and folding imposition data
  • When an engineer is deployed, our employee can bring the correct spare part along straight away