Sustainable Commitment

As a leading mechanical engineering company in the graphics sector, we have branches on two continents and an international network of independent sales partners in over 100 countries worldwide. With this in mind, we are extremely conscious of our responsibility and our role in setting a good example in the field of sustainability to protect our precious natural world. We have been taking appropriate measures and supporting sustainable projects in the corporate group for decades. And this not only benefits the environment. Our employees and the people living near our sites also benefit directly.


The current measures we are taking at the Oppenweiler site include:

  • Company fleet with electric vehicles
  • Green roof on the administration building
  • Energy-saving LED lighting
  • Drinks in glass bottles for visitors
  • Reusable glass bottles for each employee and specially filtered drinking water dispensers


Keep reading to find out more about our sustainable commitment!


Our own electricity from photovoltaics

Our latest project is a photovoltaic system on the flat roof of the main site in Oppenweiler near Stuttgart. Construction of the system was recommended to MBO as part of an energy audit. The go-ahead for planning was granted in summer 2019. MBO Head of Research and Development Sebastian König is pleased with the smooth process: “We were fortunately not affected by the disrupted supply chains and had no problem procuring the photovoltaic elements. Co-operation with the authorities also went smoothly, so we stayed on schedule”.

As a side note, the flat roof has always been covered with vegetation. It was possible to preserve the green space in spite of the construction of the photovoltaic system, meaning many useful insects can continue to find food there. On sunny days, the system produces 2/3 of the electricity needed at the factory. It is also used to charge the company’s electric cars.
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Environmentally-friendly, high-performance pressure-vacuum pump

We are also focusing on sustainability when it comes to our products. At the end of 2021, we introduced our latest advancements for palletized feeders. Our Research and Development Department wanted to develop a more efficient, environmentally-friendly solution that also works even more effectively. The innovations affect several areas of the feeder. Among other things, we have revised the air flow, which is now much more efficient. We are also using a controlled pump which does not regulate the air supply continuously, but instead adjusts individually to the process and precisely as required.

This energetically very efficient and thus environmentally-friendly solution uses 50 % less energy than conventional pumps on the market. The new pump is also equipped with a ventilated noise damping device which considerably reduces noise emissions. This saves valuable energy.
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Reusable and recycleable packaging

Due to our large shipping volume, we place special emphasis on using reusable and recyclable packaging. For example, we deliver our fold rollers in sturdy cardboard boxes that can be used multiple times. The boxes are made entirely of cardboard without metal clips and are therefore really easy to recycle. To provide additional protection for the fold rollers in transit, they are wrapped in nets of strong paper.

Our spare parts packaging
is also environmentally friendly. We use crumpled paper instead of Styrofoam fillings. We seal our packages with packing tape made of potato starch. We also do not use plastic to label our spare parts packages. Wooden stamps are used here instead of plastic labels.
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Company bike leasing

Since the summer of 2019, our colleagues at the Oppenweiler site (Germany) have had the chance to lease high-quality bicycles or e-bikes. The option of leasing bikes is intended to promote the health of our employees. People who cycle regularly experience less stress in everyday life and have been proven to be significantly healthier. With this new transport option, we are making an active contribution to maintaining the health of our employees. Last but not least, we also want to contribute to improving air quality and reducing traffic with our sustainable transport management activities.
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Sustainable charging station for e-bikes

In the summer of 2020, we commissioned the apprentices from all departments to design a sustainable bike parking area. The idea was born out of the “bike & work” project (see article below).

Our apprentice product designers developed two possible design concepts. Both concepts provide a covered, modular storage facility for six bicycles each. When designing the parking unit, the apprentices took into account various standards
including stipulations such as ensuring that the bicycles are protected against being scratched and from rolling out and that standard tyre sizes can be accommodated. In addition, lockers are provided that offer sufficient space for a bicycle helmet, drinking bottle and charger. The compartments incorporate a socket for charging the bicycles. They are secured with an electric lock and equipped with ventilation slots. Three LED lights are installed on the ceiling, which are coupled to a motion detector. There are four photovoltaic modules on the roof.

This is where our apprentice electronics technicians come into play. They analysed a detailed operating concept for charging the bicycles as well as for supplying power to the LED lights. Their designs were based on an assumed primary usage time of 7 am to 4 pm. The bicycle stand with the photovoltaic modules on it is optimised in terms of its orientation for the primary usage time. The built-in control optimises the operational management to ensure the ideal distribution of the available energy.

In the meantime, the necessary permits have been granted by the authorities and we are currently in the construction phase (as of: August 2022). We expect that our colleagues will be able to use the bike charging station very soon.
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“bike & work” project

Together with nine other companies from the Rems-Murr area, we participated in the “bike & work” project organised by the regional council between the end of 2019 and the end of 2020. The aim of the annual project is to have routes less than five kilometres in length be travelled by bike, rather than by car. To achieve this goal, employers in the region are encouraged to create a bicycle-friendly environment.

An on-site tour took
place at our company during the project. During the tour, an analysis was done to determine which measures we have already taken and what can be improved. Our colleagues were also asked for their input in an online survey. Regular meetings with the other participating companies were an opportunity to exchange ideas. The “bike & work” project gave us the impetus to build a sustainable e-bike charging station (see article above).
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Packaging return

We are happy to take back the packaging of our goods. If you wish to make use of this, please fill out the relevant packaging return form. You can find the form in our MyMBO portal.

This is what we are passionate about – find out more about our mission here: