Offers for trainees

If you decide to do an apprenticeship at MBO, you will not only receive excellent training, you will also take a peek at our other departments. This will give you a comprehensive overall picture of our company. 


We attach great importance to initiative and independent work. If you like contributing your own ideas and working in a team – even across departments – then you have come to the right place. Flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths accelerate projects and distinguish us as an agile company.


Since all offers for trainees refer to our German headquarters in Oppenweiler, it is best to switch the language to German via the main menu. So you have access to all information.

Insights into training at MBO

    During your training at MBO you will be in close contact with the trainees in other departments.
    Industrial mechanics learn to programme CNC machines at an early age.
    As a technical product designer you will support our mechanical designers.
    Our electronics technicians learn, among other things, how control cabinets are wired.
    The technical system planners set up their own test stands.
    As an industrial clerk you coordinate very closely with other departments.
    IT specialists learn how to use programming languages with confidence.

Your benefits

You can look forward to

  • Intensive and personal support from your personal contact

  • Fast personal responsibility

  • Very well equipped workplaces

  • Company celebrations where you are welcome to get involved

  • Free coffee and water

In addition, we offer you

  • Cross-departmental project work with trainees from all apprenticeship years

  • Team building trips organised by you

  • Excursions to partner companies

  • With a good IHK certificate, a stay abroad in our Portuguese plant is possible

  • Subsidies for VVS local transport for trips to vocational school possible

  • Almost 100% of our trainees are taken on


There is always something new to report about our trainees. Here you will find the latest news. Stay up-to-date and check back with us in the future to keep in the loop!


Excursion to the Mercedes-Benz-Museum

This year's annual excursion took our trainees to the Mercedes-Benz-Museum in Stuttgart. Here they took on a journey through time to learn about the 100-year history of the automobile. From hot vintage cars to the latest electric cars, there was plenty to discover. Everyone rounded off the day with a meal together.

Start of training 2022

For six young people, 1 September was their first day of training with us. They have embarked on a training course for the professions of mechanic, industrial management assistant, technical product designer and qualified IT specialists. With these six new trainees, there are currently 16 women and men undergoing professional training with us, which is a quota of around 15 percent.

During this time, they receive in-depth and personal
support from their training managers. In our company, training partly takes the form of cross-department project work. This is not only important in ensuring the internal networking of each individual. It also gives our trainees insight into areas of activity within the company which have nothing to do with the actual profession they are training for, which promotes a better understanding of the work of employees in other areas of the company. For example, trainees recently designed an environmentally friendly parking facility for e-bikes and conventional bicycles, including a charging station. The facility is scheduled for installation later this year.

In addition, there are regular events for trainees in all professions and on all levels. These events include visits to partner companies or team-building exercises. Trainees can also take advantage of subsidised local public transport when travelling to the vocational training college. And it goes without saying that coffee, tea and water are provided free of charge. If they do well in their final exams, the trainees can look forward to a long weekend at the MBO Máquinas plant in Perafita, Portugal, including a visit to the nearby harbour town of Porto.

We are extremely proud of our young trainees, nearly 100 percent of whom are offered permanent jobs after successfully passing their final exams. We wish our new trainees a good start to their professional life and every success.

If you are interested in starting professional training with us next year, you can submit an application right away. You can find out how to do that further up on this page.
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3rd place in the climate protection ideas competition

Our trainees won third prize in the climate protection ideas competition, which was awarded by the Rems-Murr-Kreis district administration office. Climate-friendly projects in the district were awarded. We won with our bicycle parking facility – a project by our trainees, who developed the design and energy concept, submitted the building applications and took on procurement of the parts. The building application is currently in progress
and the foundation will be poured soon.

The award ceremony took place in the Waiblingen Civic Centre. In addition to a certificate and flowers, there was also prize money of 300 Euros. Congratulations to all the trainees for this great achievement!
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Excursion to Portugal thanks to successful completion

Almost 100% of our trainees are taken on after successfully passing the final exam. If they finish with good grades, they can even look forward to a long weekend in Portugal.

Now that time had come again! Five trainees achieved an IHK final grade of 2.4 or better and were rewarded for their achievements with this special trip. The programme included a tour of our MBO Máquinas production plant and a weekend in the nearby port city of

Porto is known for its imposing iron bridge "Dom Luís I", for its colourful houses and the many port wine cellars.
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Greek electrician training finally recognised in Germany

Anastasios received his German recognition as an electrician. He had already completed his electrician training in Greece. However, only 50% of this training was recognised in Germany. He had to attend several courses to get his training fully recognised. The courses were partly in person and partly online. Due to the Corona virus, the courses lasted a whole year, with MBO always supporting him. We congratulate Anastasios and wish him
continued success at MBO.
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Training initiative is taking hold

It's been around four years since we started the so-called "training initiative". The trigger for the project was the realisation that we can only remain viable in the long term if we bring young colleagues into the company and ideally train them ourselves. At that time, we "only" trained in the two professions of industrial mechanic and electronics technician.

As part of the training initiative, a group of trainers, human resources
managers and marketing staff meet every two months to discuss current and future actions.

We have taken various steps to make the training offer known to young people, parents and schools in the Rems-Murr District. For example, we approached the community and secondary schools in the region and invited their 8th and 9th classes to tours of the company. Posters and a training brochure were also printed out and distributed to schools. We also took part in several career fairs. A video and several social media posts have also been created.

MBO now offers six training professions. The first trainees to benefit from the initiative and learn one of the new professions have already successfully completed their vocational training, namely the product designers and the industrial clerks.

In the picture you can see our former trainees who successfully completed their training at the beginning of 2022.
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Team building for the MBO trainees

Regular excursions, which usually take place twice a year, contribute to team building. One of these takes our trainees to a partner company. The other excursion, which is planned by the trainees themselves, is all about having fun.

Unfortunately, due to the Corona virus pandemic, only one excursion could take place this year, which was also smaller than in the other years. The trainees organised a hike through the hills of the Rems-Murr
district, where the autumn colours were on display. On the way, they took a break at the public barbecue area.

All the necessary utensils, food to be grilled and drinks were bought together and driven to the barbecue area beforehand. In particular, the four new trainees who started their training this year took the opportunity to make new contacts during the preparations and on the actual team building day and to get to know the trainees from the other departments.
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SWR films trainee project

The trainees of all apprenticeships and years regularly work on cross-departmental projects. The latest project is a climate-friendly bicycle parking facility for e-bikes and conventional bicycles, including a charging station. The e-bikes are charged with electricity generated by a photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the bicycle parking space.

In cooperation with the district administration office of Rems-Murr District, we
took part in the sustainability days of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The event is part of the annual European Sustainability Week, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the topics climate and health.

Our trainees took part in the sustainability days with their “Sustainable Bicycle Parking Space” project. They informed external visitors about the current project status. The SWR sent a camera team to us and subsequently reported on the event in the state show.

You can find more information about the project on our “Sustainability” page.
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