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    The ASP is a simple and clearly laid-out stream delivery ...


The ASP is a simple and clearly laid-out stream delivery. It not only allows quick and easy set-up, but is also mobile. This makes it the ideal choice if you need to change the position of the delivery frequently and when producing small to medium-sized print runs. The ASP is also well-suited for processing sensitive and freshly printed products, as the danger of marking is extremely low.


The integrated pressing unit with compression rollers and main press rollers ensure a high delivery quality for the stacking and further processing of the folded sheets. Two separate, infinitely variable drives for infeed table / pressing unit and for compression belts / delivery belts ensure high capacity through compression of the shingle stream. The collector table of the ASP66L-2ME is 50 cm longer, giving it an even higher loading capacity.

To facilitate removal, the marking device allows you to offset a selected number of products in packages by two centimetres. The products are counted reliably and precisely by means of photoelectric sensor and counter. Multiple-up productions are spread, which also facilitates removal.

Your advantages

  • Integrated pressing unit for better results
  • Marking device for offsetting in packages
  • Continuous shingle stream for problem-free production
  • High loading capacity through separate drives
  • Spreading of multiple-up productions facilitates removal
  • Adjustable falling height between pressing unit and shingle belts


Standard features

  • M1 Basic machine control
  • Mobile
  • Self-control
  • Spreading
  • Marking by 2-cm offset
  • Photoelectric sensor and counter
  • Device for 2-up production
  • Integrated pressing unit
  • Continuous shingle stream

Additional features

  • Extension to 3-up production
  • Extension to 4-up production (ASP82-2ME)

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